How Сan IoT Benefit Environment? Sustainable IoT Solutions

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Vasyl Kuchma Managing Partner
How Сan IoT Benefit Environment? Sustainable IoT Solutions

Every year people become more and more aware of global environmental problems. This gives an impetus to look for ways to solve them. Building an IoT startup that can benefit the environment is one of the best decisions you can make right now. It's a fairly new niche that doesn't have a lot of competitors and can offer all chances for success.

How IoT Benefit the Environment

Climate change solutions

Due to constant carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, as well as other types of pollution of nature, climate changes are occurring. To prevent this global problem, there are IoT solutions that monitor all these indicators and thus can warn of dangerously high levels of pollution. It helps to minimize the greenhouse effect and positively impacts the problem of climate change.

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Optimizing Agriculture

To prevent mankind from facing problems of food scarcity, it is necessary to develop a rational approach to growing crops and breeding livestock. IoT devices can help with monitoring soil conditions, the suitability of weather for cultivating crops, and much more. All of these help to optimize entire agricultural processes.

Coping with Water Resources Scarcity

Scholars predict that in the nearest future mankind may face a lack of fresh water. To avoid such a result, it is possible to use IoT solutions that will monitor the consumption of water. Thanks to this, it is possible to analyze the obtained data and make conclusions on how to minimize the consumption. There are also options when smart devices can provide information about fresh water leakages.

Waste optimization

The main role of IoT in waste optimization is the ability to make "smart" routes for the collection of trash. This is possible thanks to the placement of special devices in the city's garbage cans. They can inform about the fullness of the tank, and help to make the best route. Under such conditions, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced.

Control of wildlife populations

Due to climate change, poaching, and other factors, animal populations around the world are suffering. The Red Book is regularly updated with new entries. That is why we should use IoT solutions to avoid the extinction of some animal species. Such devices can help track animals, their condition, and monitor whether they are in safe areas of their usual habitats. In addition, it makes breeding a lot easier, because several animals can be artificially brought together in the same location.

Top 3 directions for your eco startup: IoT sustainability solutions

"Green" monitoring systems

There are a lot of different types of monitoring systems at the moment. For example, you can monitor air pollution levels, water consumption rates, and so on. Developing solutions in this area has many advantages because they can be used by businesses and by individuals alike. 

In the case of enterprises, it is beneficial to monitor how a business affects the environment because it can help in attracting investors and improving the world. And, for individuals, it is also advantageous to use IoT monitoring devices because it can help to understand how to rationalize the use of resources and improve the environmental situation.

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Smart management solutions

In addition to creating products that can just track a certain indicator, it is possible to develop a solution that can control these indicators. For example, IoT devices with sensors are very popular lately. As example, they can detect areas of your activity at the moment, and automatically reduce the consumption of resources in unused areas. Examples of such solutions can be light systems that are activated when you move. And there are also similar systems that control heating and other functions.

Sustainability solutions for industrial IoT

Since we live in a time when there are a lot of factories and plants around us that produce different products, it is important to know that they do not have a negative impact on the environment. For such purposes, special IoT solutions can be developed. They aimed at reducing production costs and attracting investors, as well as minimizing the negative impact on the environment. For example, there are options that can save electricity, or clean the air as soon as sensors signal about a high level of pollution.

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Internet of things software development tips

Because there are many environmental challenges that iot solves, it means that developing such projects is necessary for the market. Here are some simple tips for a successful realization of your project:

  • Start developing a solution only after a qualitative market analysis. This way you will be able to know exactly what people need. Also it is useful to keep abreast of the latest trends in the development of such technologies.
  • Do not neglect the creation of an MVP. Testing your idea is always a good solution, as this will give you the opportunity to assess the rationality of the project.
  • Think about possible methods of monetization and expanding of the project. The right monetization strategy will allow you to earn enough money, which means that you can expand the project and move to a more serious level.

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