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who we are

The journey we have been making on since 2014.

Or better say, the path we have been walking on for 15+ years already.


SDH CEO and CTO met well ahead of a company establishment. Vic and Pavel were working in the same company in the early days of their careers.


Both shifted to a Ukrainian software development company and focused on building custom ERP and CRM software solutions.


Together they founded a privately held company that provided web application development services.

ServiceKit became the first loyal client and partner.

In the same year, an Android developer joined the team to develop native mobile apps.


A few proficient Python developers enriched the team intellectually and in quantity.


A fruitful year for the company. 'Software Development Hub' name was officially born and the company's corporate identity was designed.

SDH became a full-fledged partner of FiledHub, after several successful years of outsourcing services delivery.

We entrusted our new projects to newcomers: an eagle-eyed Business Analyst, a trouble proof Project Manager, a rock-solid SysAdmin/DevOps, and a clear-sighted Designer.


A new pioneer direction loomed on the horizon. Partnering with Medstar, SDH started its work on Digital Health domain. We augmented our crew with Software Testing engineers, and the whole team moved to a new roomy office.


Today SDH has got 7 loyal clients worldwide.

Software products we have been working on are used by more than 3 000 000 users.

The team has increased 7-fold since the founding of the company.

The novice direction we focus on today is AI and Machine Learning to make a drastic change in the healthcare industry.


The pandemic set the trends for 2020. Since the quarantine, we were one of the first IT companies switching to remote work without loss of productivity.

The number of the team has doubled and reached a record number in the SDH history. The geography of the company currently covers 13 cities in Ukraine.

The pandemic served as a stimulus to deepen expertise in digital health & IoMT. We started working on a new edtech app, and also implemented a large sociopolitical project for the US market.

Values we share

Software development is not a blind race to fit in with technology trends.

To us, it’s a craft consisting of the following integral parts:


People and their needs matter to us.

We build open-minded streamlined communication which let our team run like clockwork.


Thinking outside the box is welcomed.

We encourage original ideas and extraordinary approaches that enrich our expertise.


We used to get the job done.

On the way to the goals, we think there are no such challenges that hard work cannot overcome.

Milestones we cover

We solve the challenges of small and mid-sized businesses.

Relying on our values we deliver software from a raw idea to a market-ready solution or improve the existing projects.

1 Planning
2 Analysis
3 Design
4 Implementation
5 Integration
6 Maintenance
is fully covered.


Project scope and cost calculation.


SRS preparation and workflow setup.


Creation of UX/UI corresponding user needs.


Software development sticks to an agreed plan.


Software Testing and defects fixing stage.


Continuous delivery and project support.

Why choose us?

Software development
process is fully covered.
Transparent approach
and direct communication.
No freelancers
or subcontractors.

Our loyal partners

They trusted us once. Looking back to all successful achievements we earned together, they trust in us as the reliable tech partner now.

A medtech and eHealth provider that collaborates with over 1000 medical institutions across Ukraine.

Partner since: 2017

A US-based company providing the Integrated CRM, project management, and accounting system for businesses.

Partner since: 2016

A company provides software specifically designed for landscaping and lawn care business management.

Partner since: 2014

Terneo creates reliable, convenient, and energy-efficient devices for your Smart Home heating system.

Partner since: 2017

A mom's project to parents, who are eager to find the local entertainment and education activities for their kids.

Partner since: 2018

A sports and intellectual team game, which is carried out on bicycles or on foot around the city, the photo-quest app.

Partner since: 2020

Partnership we offer

We are here to build, launch and scale-up any custom software.

Depending on project requirements and challenges, we offer flexible cost-effective business models.

my team

Best for undefined budget

Experts on demand are ready to grow your business, boost your in-house team or scale the existing project on the time and materials basis.

Give advice
on my project


No hidden tricks and pitfalls. Tell us your thoughts and we consult you on your project development scenarios and the further steps.

Develop my project
from A to Z

Best for > € 20,000budget

A remote dedicated team of experts provides in-depth business analysis of your idea, then build, deliver and maintain the bespoke solution.

my idea

Best for > € 20,000budget

Verify your initial idea whether it’s competitive, user-friendly or profitable building an MVP version based on clear fixed requirements.


We’ll provide you with a free consultation promptly or a project estimation on request.


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