We provide our clients with top software development services through well-consolidated cooperation.

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Our team

There are 100+ bright minds with a can-do attitude. We build open-minded streamlined communication which lets our team run like clockwork.

100+ Team members
85+ Happy clients
19+ Years of experience

Our approach

Agile + Scrum

SDLC is fully covered
Two-weeks sprints
Weekly or daily meetings

Direct contractor

No freelancers or subcontractors
Team as service
Transparent processes

Pricing options

Time & Materials
Fixed Price
Flex Scope


The solutions we create have a positive impact and change the world for the better. They are recognized as best-in-class and have earned the spotlight of the top media.


Acting for Sustainability

Safe and healthy workplace

SDH employees’ inalienable right – to work in a safe and healthy environment – is being exercised through remote-first offices, and ongoing mental health support.

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Diversity team

We cherish diversity, treating it as a key value. Diverse teams overperform and provide a multidimensional approach. SDH is close to achieving a 50/50 gender balance and has 50% female at C-level staff.

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Our employees make solid efforts when volunteering for various social incentives. We eagerly help IDPs, animal shelters, social care organizations, military hospitals, and those in need.

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Planting greenery

We commit annually to greenery planting projects to alleviate the negative impact of worldwide air pollution.

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NGOs support

We team up with Hostline Charity and various NGOs to contribute what we can promote education accessibility, humanitarian aid, fight poverty, and overall social good.

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We continually train our employees and strive to increase the number of youth and adults with technical skills for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship.

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The journey we have been making


SDH CEO and CTO met well ahead of company's establishment. Vic and Pavel were working in the same company in the early days of their careers. Both shifted to a Ukrainian software development company and focused on building custom ERP and CRM software solutions.


Together they founded a privately held company that provided web application development services. ServiceKit became the first loyal client and partner. In the same year, mobile developers joined the team to develop native mobile apps.


A new pioneer direction loomed on the horizon. Partnering with Medstar, SDH started its work on Digital Health domain. We augmented our crew with Software Testing engineers, and the whole team moved to a new roomy office.


SDH has got 7 loyal clients worldwide. Software products we have been working on are used by more than 9M+ users. The team has increased 7-fold since the founding of the company. The novice direction we focus on today is AI & Machine Learning to make a drastic change in the healthcare industry.


Since 2020, we were one of the first IT companies switching to remote work without loss of productivity. The number of the team has doubled and reached a record number in the SDH history. COVID-19 served as a stimulus to deepen expertise in health tech, education, and logistics.


Our native city Kharkiv was attacked by Russian troops, forcing us to flee to safety. The invasion led us to disperse to over 20+ cities and countries, but it also presented an opportunity to expand our global presence. Outsourcing work to SDH directly impacts our lives and our families' well-being. Check out our current status here.

Industries we serve

We guide businesses to the industry's top accepting the competition challenges.

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