SDH's Tree Planting

May 12, 2023 0 min read 821
Nadiia Rostovetska Marketer
SDH's Tree Planting

Do you know that 3 billion trees are cut down annually worldwide?

That's why, as an IT company, being responsible for our environmental impact and striving for positive change is very important. And one of the ways we do that is through our tree-planting initiative. On May 10th, our Vinnytsia branch got its hands dirty and planted trees to contribute to a more sustainable future. 

The SDH team planted trees

But we don't want to stop there! We want to encourage everyone to join us in making a difference. Planting trees is a simple but effective way to combat deforestation and climate change.

SDH's Tree Planting -01

SDH's Tree Planting - 02

SDH's Tree Planting -01

Join the SDH team and take action to make our world greener and more sustainable for future generations!


Tree Planting SDH life


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