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Python/Django Development Services

Our experienced Python developers are ready to take your project to the next level with custom solutions to meet your needs. Our software development services are ideal for these segments.

MVP Development

Budding startups in search of a dedicated Django team. Get reliable skilled engineers with a long-term track record to build your MVP. Whether we design a monolithic or microservices architecture, we help our clients take advantage of the faster time to market, advanced security, and scalability that Python introduces.

End-to-end Product Developement

Companies enter the market with their product. We provide dedicated Django developers teams to help you in creating custom software solutions. Scale, reduce time to market, and accelerate your path to the top. Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from a relaible software partnership.

Digital Transformation

Enterprises seeking digital transformation. Digital transformation gives you the opportunity to become an industry leader, able to optimize costs and increase productivity.

Legacy Code Re-engineering

Projects that can no longer be maintained by a prior development group. We are a custom software development company, providing custom solutions covering both frontend and backend development. Take advantage of our developers' expertise in different industries to achieve your business goals.

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Advantages of Custom Software Development

Our Python/Django development company takes a holistic approach to software development that includes strategic planning and risk management. This makes us a reliable partner who helps you achieve your business goals.

We provide you with Agile and Waterfall approach, regular status updates and participate in decision-making at every stage of the project. Our team schedules weekly status meetings or other appropriate meeting schedules according to project needs. Our transparent reporting ensures that you are kept up-to-date on project progress.

No freelancers or subcontractors, just a dedicated in-house team.
Working on a time-and-materials model, you get the most accurate and fair estimate for the scope of work. SDH team provides a competitive level of Python/Django development services at an affordable flat rate of $38.  
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We optimize software development based on flexible technologies, security, and a rigorous testing process. After delivery of the product, we offer maintenance and support services for your outsourced solution.

Development Python/Django Solutions for Various Industries

Our team is experienced in Python development in various industries — manufacturing, healthcare, education, travel & GIS, logistics, IoT, and security. We can offer different solution development options depending on your business needs.

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Full-cycle software development services

We solve the challenges of small and mid-sized businesses.

We provide customers with a full end-to-end custom development cycle including architecture planning, business analysis for customers, UI/UX design, QA, project management, and support.

1 Planning
2 Analysis
3 Design
4 Implementation
5 Integration
6 Maintenance
is fully covered.


Project scope and cost calculation.


SRS preparation and workflow setup.


Creation of UX/UI corresponding user needs.


Software development sticks to an agreed plan.


Software Testing and defects fixing stage.


Continuous delivery and project support.

Start Your Python/Django Project

Our Python developers are experienced in working on complex projects that require advanced technology. We design, develop, maintain, and adapt Python-based solutions to meet your business needs, making each digital product future-proof and ready to expand with new features to help your organization grow without hindrance.

Our technology stack

Technologies we use


Postgresql, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Kafka


Flutter, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin


Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS, VueJs


Python/Django, Flask, Aio, Twisted, Celery

Client success stories

With Python/Django software developers, we can help you improve the efficiency of your business and solve your challenges.

Digital Health

Medical Information System — Medstar™

for organized medical data storage and processing.

IoT & IIoT

Cloud Medical Diagnostics Platform — IDIS™

for an intelligent patient’s diagnosis remotely.

Digital Health

Medicine Registry Software

for information sourcing of all medications registered in Ukraine.

Education & Fun

GIS Platform — KidsVisitor

for exploring the nearby events for children.

Digital Health

SaaS for Radiologists — Radiolance™

professional platform for interaction with radiologists


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