Our Kharkiv-based office came under direct attack by russian troops on February 2022. SDH’s employers were forced to leave their homes and flee to safe regions. Today, they are safe and dedicated to doing what they do best. The work you outsource at SDH Ukraine has a 100% impact on the lives and the well-being of their families.

You can take a look at our state of affairs at this link.

Also, to help IDPs, we’ve established a charitable foundation. Support us now!

SDH Ukraine in Figures

65% of employees now work outside of Ukraine
4 of our colleagues serve in the Ukrainian army
$18K collected for charitable aid to victims in Ukraine

Acting for Sustainability

Safe and healthy workplace

SDH employees’ inalienable right – to work in a safe and healthy environment – is being exercised through remote-first offices, and ongoing mental health support.

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Diversity team

We cherish diversity, treating it as a key value. Diverse teams overperform and provide a multidimensional approach. SDH is close to achieving a 50/50 gender balance and has 50% female at C-level staff.

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Our employees make solid efforts when volunteering for various social incentives. We eagerly help IDPs, animal shelters, social care organizations, military hospitals, and those in need.

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Planting greenery

We commit annually to greenery planting projects to alleviate the negative impact of worldwide air pollution.

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NGOs support

We team up with Hostline Charity and various NGOs to contribute what we can promote education accessibility, humanitarian aid, fight poverty, and overall social good.

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We continually train our employees and strive to increase the number of youth and adults with technical skills for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship.

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