How Do We Ensure Continuous Workflow During Power Outages?

Dec 05, 2022 0 min read 950
Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
How Do We Ensure Continuous Workflow During Power Outages?


Ukraine suffers from attacks on its energy infrastructure. Our employees living in Ukraine regularly face power and Internet outages.

Despite this, SDH is prepared for blackout challenges thanks to our previously developed business continuity strategies.

How prepared are we for a total power outage?

Our efforts are focused on creating blackout-resistant workplaces. Staff who is working from home have access to all the necessary information. In a power outage, they connect to backup power or direct to offices or co-working spaces prepared for a power outage.

SDH's employees are now equipped with:

  1. Low-powered generators (3000-5000W) to provide uninterrupted workflow. 

  2. Batteries (from 27000mAh) to power computers and smartphones. 

  3. Additional SIM cards and 4G WiFi router kits for backup Internet access. 

  4. Connected to fiber-optic networks that are powered by batteries.

  5. Starlink substations to provide continuous internet connectivity.

Emergency response teams were formed, and action instructions were drawn up.

99% of our employees in Ukraine can cover their power needs for at least 24 hours. Now we're even prepared for several days of blackouts. And we are confident that we will keep in touch in the event of a total #blackout, so we can continue to work without delays.

We are also preparing our bases in Lutsk and Vinnytsia, which are provided with powerful generators for electricity, Starlinks, water, and food in case of a total blackout. 

"Sometimes there is no electricity for 2-3 hours, and I work like this: a router with mobile internet from a power bank. I also have a spare power bank for my laptop," — Mila Bashynska, the QA engineer, says. 

We also assist women in leaving the EU for the winter. We have backup housing for our colleagues who come to Poland or Germany for that case.

All cities and towns have faced technological challenges related to the lack of power, heat and water supply, and internet and cellular service outages. We are looking for opportunities and considering several scenarios to minimize the impact of external factors on SDH's sustainability and team members' safety.



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