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IoT development services

Our experienced engineers enable you to deploy best-in-class IoT products for your business.

Connectivity Software

Connectivity is a critical component of the Internet of Things. IoT devices rely on networks to communicate with gateways, applications, servers, routers, and other IoT devices. This communication — transmitting and receiving data — enables IoT devices to perform the functions they were designed for.

IoT Dashboards

An IoT dashboard is the user interface within an IoT platform that enables users to monitor and interact with connected devices through graphs, charts, and other tools and UI elements. Monitoring dashboards allow you to manage all aspects of your connected devices and gain insight into your environment by visualizing your device data.

IoT Management Software

An IoT device or fleet of devices can be controlled through a graphical user interface. IoT device management makes it possible to quickly turn on, remotely control and monitor connected devices, set device adjustments, and support a growing number of connected objects in the network.

API Development

Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of building and managing API's and its integrations for enterprise businesses. Our team enables organizations to easily create and quickly scale a network of applications, data and devices using APIs and integration. 

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Advantages of Custom Software Development

No freelancers or subcontractors, just a dedicated in-house team.

Working on a time-and-materials model, you get the most accurate and fair estimate for the scope of work. SDH team provides a competitive level of IoT development services at an affordable hourly rate of $40-60.  

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Thanks to IoT technology, routine tasks can be performed automatically so that human resources can be shifted to more complex tasks. Thus, routine work processes can be automated, and the number of employees can be minimized, resulting in lower business costs. 

Businesses gain automated control over multiple areas of operations, including inventory management, cargo tracking, fuel management, and parts management. 

Reduced downtime provided by automatically scheduled and monitored maintenance, raw material supply, and other production requirements and equipment allows for higher production levels, resulting in increased profits. 

Automated planning and monitoring with interconnected sensors can improve resource efficiencies, such as better energy and water consumption management. These points will lower your water and energy bills and make the enterprise more productive and environmentally friendly.

IoT Solutions Development

Our team develops IoT systems for many applications — manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, smart home, and security. We offer various solution development options depending on your business needs.

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Full-cycle software development services

We solve the challenges of small and mid-sized businesses.

We provide customers with a full end-to-end custom development cycle including architecture planning, business analysis for customers, UI/UX design, QA, project management, and support.

1 Planning
2 Analysis
3 Design
4 Implementation
5 Integration
6 Maintenance
is fully covered.


Project scope and cost calculation.


SRS preparation and workflow setup.


Creation of UX/UI corresponding user needs.


Software development sticks to an agreed plan.


Software Testing and defects fixing stage.


Continuous delivery and project support.

Development IoT Solutions for Various Industries

The complete IoT app development cycle encompasses multiple use cases and applications to optimize, automate, and save enterprise costs. We aim to create innovative platforms, deliver customer-centric services, and grow the IoT ecosystem.

Our technology stack

For connecting people, devices, and platforms and taking full advantage of IoT data.


MQTT / AMQP / CoAP / REST / TCP/IP / WebSocket / Bluetooth (BLE)

Data processing and analytics

AWS / MS Azure IoT Hub / IBM Watson IoT / Google Cloud IoT*


React, Redux, JavaScript, Typescript, Sentry,


Python/Django, Flask, Aio, Twisted, Celery

Client success stories

With IoT solution development, we can help you improve the efficiency of your business and solve your challenges.

IoT & IIoT

Cloud Medical Diagnostics Platform — IDIS™

for an intelligent patient’s diagnosis remotely.

IoT & IIoT

IoT App for Heating Devices Control — Terneo™

for remote controlling of your smart heating system.


GIS Web App for Agronomists — LANscript

was conceived by farmers, created by IT experts, and advanced together! Custom version of the electronic book on the field's history


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