Top 6 European Sustainability Startups to Watch

Oct 10, 2022 5 min read 1967
Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
Vasyl Kuchma Managing Partner
Top 6 European Sustainability Startups to Watch

After visiting IMPACT FESTIVAL, we have selected the Top 5 innovative startups in climate, environment, and sustainability.


The latest IPCC report again shows that we are not able to keep the global temperature rise within 1.5°C to prevent catastrophic climate change. Unfortunately, crises such as Covid or the Russian invasion of Ukraine make progress even more difficult. Rising energy prices, shortages of raw materials, or disruptions in the supply chain threaten our sustainability. We are also not fast enough to address our societies' various social and environmental challenges. 

Environmental technology is the fastest-growing segment of European startups, seeing 10x growth in the last four years. After visiting IMPACT FESTIVAL, Software Development Hub has selected the Top 6 innovative startups in climate technology, GreenTech, and more. They put sustainability at the center of their mission and messages and offer much-needed technological solutions to combat the climate crisis.


Everwave smart garbage collection boats and floating river platforms have already removed more than 415 tons of garbage from global waters. The startup combines active and passive cleaning technologies in rivers to work with local partners to prevent trash from entering the seas. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the team is looking for innovative ways to recycle waste to trigger long-term awareness of sustainable development and environmental protection on the ground through environmental education and communication.


ImpactNexus offers SaaS solutions to assess, improve and report sustainability impacts and ESG performance for startups and their supporters. Most companies need more knowledge and resources to take action on sustainability. They are open to sustainability efforts when it's easy to do and when it pays off quickly (quick sustainability wins). But more complex and resource-intensive efforts are often limited to large corporations. Millions of small and medium-sized companies simply don't have the time or resources to assess sustainability topics in greater depth and develop meaningful actions for improvement. ImpactNexus aims to make it easier for companies to comply with regulations and accelerate the transition to sustainable business models. 


Eevie is an engagement tool to measure and reward employee climate action and foster a climate-friendly work culture. In September, Germany's Düsseldorf-based eevie earned the B Corp designation. As part of the Employee Climate Engagement platform, customers can run campaigns to engage employees to focus their attention on achieving collective goals. 


SUSTAYN is a gamified employee app that can take players on the path to a sustainable company. The creators believe the habits tracker and achieving small common goals help to act sustainably and shape corporate actions. SUSTAYN comes with a database of sustainability projects, events, and content. Users can filter them by resource intensity, costs, or savings opportunities, get useful tips on project implementation, ready texts, and much more. So your company does not start from scratch but implements projects faster.


ClimateSeed supports organizations in taking serious climate action and fostering climate awareness. It enables managing GHG emissions through experienced consultants, setting reduction targets in line with Science-based Targets, and communicating on the collaborative digital platform.


Envoria is financial and sustainability reporting software for companies covering widely-used accounting standards, such as GRI, CSRD, EU Taxonomy, and GHG Protocol. The project team consists of software developers and project managers from finance-related areas. As a result, their product is well adapted for both large and mid-sized companies. 

Digital solutions for environmental impact help accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. They give millions of small and medium-sized companies the tools to better assess sustainability topics and develop meaningful improvement actions. 

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