Top 5 Marketing Startups to Watch in 2022

Oct 17, 2022 5 min read 1082
Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
Top 5 Marketing Startups to Watch in 2022

The oldest traces of the birth of marketing date back to the 4.2th millennium BC, to which the rock inscription "6 ways a spear can save you from wild boar" refers.

Marketing is recognized as one of the most dynamic industries. Take, for example, how its digital tools have transformed in the last five years, particularly with AI and ML technologies. We have made a selection of startups in the field of marketing that are worth paying attention to. 



Expertwired is a platform for 1-on-1 calls with leading experts for real-time market insights. The platform is positioning itself as the world's first tech-driven expert network with global coverage. Expertwired allows experts to share their expertise through intelligent technology, making it available to everyone at fair, market-based prices. The startup raised a $1.1M round in May 2022.



Feats is a professional network for people who build products, brands, and businesses. It allows users to assemble an ambassador network by giving recognition to everyone who worked on your projects. It expands career options by creating trusted, verified track records and networks you can rely on. The Feats platform connects users with potential clients and collaborators for freelancers and teams (e.g., agencies). For brands, Feats helps to give recognition and become known for what you do. 



Odore is a multi-function digital marketing platform that helps brands develop and execute engaging campaigns to promote products and samples to customers, boosting sales. The Odore software provides tools for designing and delivering exceptional product campaigns and analytics and integrations with marketing tools as well. According to CrunchBase, Odore has raised $2.5 million in three funding rounds. 



The Roibox SaaS is a location-based targeting platform on all biddable delivery channels. The software is based on geospatial data science with Grid Technology™, which holds 100 thousand data points per square kilometer, campaign data, and socioeconomic data. It is directly plugged into the advertising platforms (Google Ads, Meta, etc.) and improves ads campaigns' ROI by providing geo-based insights. Roibox previously raised about $3.2M in funding.



The content creation platform Contents helps with the trend analysis and generation of SEO-oriented content, such as website copy or blog articles. From ideation through creation to transformation, the platform combines the power of AI and human creativity at every stage of the content strategy. Remarkably, the startup raised $14.1M in investment and continues to win over users with its content creation capabilities today.



The Horizon SaaS helps to test and understand the market demand for the new consumer product before you build it. Collect unbiased and robust customer data with zero effort to start making better product development decisions. The product helps innovation teams learn consumer behavior, make strategic product decisions through AI, and validate market demand before making significant investments. 


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