SDH at Applydata Summit 2023 in Berlin

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Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
Farida Aliyeva Data Scientist
SDH at Applydata Summit 2023 in Berlin

[Berlin, Germany] — SDH is pleased to announce the participation of Farida Aliyeva, Data Scientist at SDH, in the Applydata Summit 2023 held at EUREF Campus Berlin on September 28, 2023.

About Applydata Summit

Applydata Summit, a one-day event hosted by Diconium, serves as a platform to unite industry specialists from the data analysis, ML and AI sectors. This exclusive gathering featured presentations and discussions by 14 data experts hailing from diverse industries and companies such as Diconium, Kuehne+Nagel, Zalando, Ratepay, and more. The summit's agenda revolved around the most pertinent topics in the field of Data and AI.

Keynotes of Applydata Summit

Throughout the event, esteemed speakers generously shared their insights and personal experiences in data analysis, machine learning model deployment, and the development of finely-tuned data operational processes.

Farida Aliyeva, SDH - Applydata Summit

Among the standout presentations, Farida Aliyeva expressed particular appreciation for Alessandro Romano's enlightening discourse on Casual Inference, representing Kuehne+Nagel, and thanked him for sharing valuable resources with the audience. Another presentation that captured Aliyeva's attention and provoked a reevaluation of data-related approaches was "Data-Driven Sustainability" by Ridwan Bhuiyan from Zalando. She also highlighted the speech by Zhamak Dehghani, the founder of Data Mesh, as a notable summit moment.

Applydata Summit 2023

Farida Aliyeva extends her sincere gratitude to Kai Eder for the invitation to this enlightening event and acknowledges the invaluable support of her workplace, Software Development Hub, for sponsoring her participation in Applydata Summit.

"Participating in Applydata Summit was an enriching experience that allowed me to gain valuable insights from industry leaders," commented Farida Aliyeva. "I am thankful to SDH for enabling me to be a part of this event and for their continuous support in advancing our expertise in data analysis."

Applydata Summit

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