3D Medical Metaverse: How will Metaverse Drastically Transform Healthcare Industry?

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3D Medical Metaverse: How will Metaverse Drastically Transform Healthcare Industry?

Progress never stands still, especially when we talk about the digital technologies of the contemporary world. The development of computer technology has affected almost all spheres of human life. In most cases, we see a positive impact and convenience in this process. The metaverse is one of those creations of mankind, which at the moment reveals its potential and integrates into different spheres of life. If we are talking about the healthcare industry, it can be very beneficial and have a positive impact on human life expectancy and quality of health.

What is metaverse?

A lot of people might think that the metaverse is something completely new and incomprehensible. However, despite such a perception, almost everyone has encountered the metaworld in one way or another, just didn't know it was the one. For example, you may have participated in online meetings with your colleagues, or you may have played a game where you needed to create your avatar and control it in a virtual world. Or you might, for example, buy such virtual items as skins while exchanging a certain kind of currency with other avatars. All of these are certain kinds of metaverses. And there can be an infinite number of them. But what defines all these metaverses and out of what do they consist?

While the concept of a metaverse may seem vague, it's easy enough to define it. Essentially, it is a virtual digital space where users are able to create their avatars on whose behalf they perform certain actions. The key features of metaverses are:

  • The existence of a certain economic structure with virtual means
  • Endlessness (it means you can't trace the beginning and the end of the meta-universe)
  • Possibility to integrate an infinite number of audience into the meta-universe
  • Filing with digital content, which can be created by users among other things
  • Combination of the digital and physical worlds
  • Independence from external factors
  • Non-stop existence

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If we talk about the stack of technologies on which the meta-universe is built, these are: virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence. All these components make the metaworld a completely new generation of digital platforms. Their development is impressive, although it is only at the very first stages and has not yet revealed all its possibilities.

Key benefits of metaverse for healthcare industry

It may seem a bit strange to associate the metaverse and healthcare sphere in people's minds. However, we can already observe how the 3D medical metaverse is having a positive impact on the experience of doctors and patients, as well as on the learning process of students of medical institutes. Thus, if we continue to develop in this direction, humanity will be able to significantly improve the quality of life and extend it with the help of "smart" medicine.

Improved medical education

It's great for medical students to have the opportunity to practice and sharpen their skills during the educational process. This will make them more knowledgeable and experienced doctors in the future. But unfortunately, it takes a lot of resources and expenses for each of the students to fully immerse themselves in practice and polish their skills. 

That's why the traditional educational system has recently begun to incorporate innovations. They consist in the use of virtual reality to improve the educational process of students. Thus, with the help of a modeled virtual environment, each of the future medical specialists will be able to practice individually. In addition, the aforementioned technology will help to apply their knowledge more effectively, as well as to sharpen their skills without significant economic expenditures (as in the case of practice with cadavers).


The Covid 19 pandemic was a major boost for the development of technologies intended for remote communication between people or for remote work. Of course, the field of healthcare was not left aside as well.

At the moment, we can see how the meta-universe helps doctors and patients. At any time, you can consult with your doctor online and get treatment recommendations from him. Also, it has become more convenient for doctors to read patient's records gathered together, as well as see 3D versions of all their scans and indicators.

Such changes in the way of providing medical services have become beneficial not only for the elderly people, who have a hard time getting to hospitals. It is also convenient for people who have a fast pace of life and are constantly on the job or traveling.

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More convenient therapy process

Communication and rapport between patient and doctor is one of the most crucial elements in the therapy process. The metaverse and its tools can help the doctor to demonstrate the patient's problem visually. That is, the therapist can show on the patient's virtual doppelganger where the problem is and what effect it has on each system of the organism. In this way, people better perceive information about their condition, are aware of all the risks and dangers, and understand more about what the doctor is recommending.

In addition to visual demonstrations of 3D models for the patient, IoT devices of all kinds are a great way to monitor health indicators and the treatment process. Both the doctor and the patient get all the data they need for controlling their health condition from special applications. This allows to monitor the treatment process and even predict a preliminary recovery time. 

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Medical procedures for children are also taken to a new level thanks to the technologies of the metaworld. Scholars have already proved that when a child is distracted during procedures, not by traditional means, but by the meta-universe ones, he gets over the pain and fear better.

So, by using the metaverse in the healthcare sphere, we can see how all operations become more understandable and automated. In addition, the efficiency of treatment increases.

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  • Сalendar in which all consultations and procedures are scheduled
  • Еool for automatic billing
  • Patient treatment planner
  • Electronic cards and records about the patient, which are available in one place, and much more.

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