5 Tips on How to Improve Remote Team Communication Culture

Aug 19, 2022 3 min read 971
Alyona Goncharova General HR Manager
5 Tips on How to Improve Remote Team Communication Culture

Ten years ago, remote work was a rarity. However, over the past two years, most companies have learned to move very quickly from offline to online and vice versa.

The skills we learned during the pandemic helped us adapt to the situation during the war. But the most critical challenge is how to maintain a corporate culture while maintaining a productive team.

1. Encourage an environment of open communication and feedback.

Maintaining defined and open communication channels for our team promotes transparency and ensures team communication. There is a distinction between these channels: from purely formal messaging to channels of casual communication and professional humor.

2. Communication, networking, understanding.

Remote team culture is built with pure communication. Allocate time each week for video communication by the entire team and follow a policy on the software through which online meetings take place. Body language, facial expressions, and seeing reactions allow people to get to know each other, share news, and motivate the entire team.


3. Trust and support.

Trust plays a significant role in building a culture in a virtual environment. Schedule one-on-one meetings to learn how your mentees are doing and what's important to them. Focus not just on work issues but people's feelings and values, motivating and stimulating people. People work harder and interact more when they trust each other.

4. Achievement.

Share the wins and accomplishments of each of the teams/departments that don't understand the daily effort on a particular project. Integrating each team member into the daily lives of others is critical to supporting the culture.

5. Value everyone in the common cause.

Run your team's corporate crisis mindset (belief system). Everyone does what they can and a little more, regardless of position or location. It could be a volunteer mission, a mentoring club, or a campaign to raise shared donations. Fill the overall effort with high meaning.

For example, Software Development Hub runs charitable initiatives to help internally displaced people in Ukraine and wounded soldiers. We also founded a mentoring initiative to support women who have decided to enter the IT profession. The new reality has made it clearer what it is that unites our team and highlights new motives for selecting like-minded people and forming a community of lovers of their cause.


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