Software Development Hub visited IFA Berlin 2022

Sep 08, 2022 5 min read 2438
Daria Sizova Business Development Manager
Software Development Hub visited IFA Berlin 2022


On September 4, Pavel Yablonskiy, CTO of SDH company, and Vasyl Kuchma, Managing Partner of the company, went to the world-famous exhibition of consumer and household appliances IFA Berlin 2022.

The purpose of the visit was to explore innovative ideas in the digital field. From smart homes to digital health, the company's representatives tested the novelties presented to the public throughout the day. Leading market players and small businesses were placed under one roof of the Messe-Berlin exhibition center. The number of different innovative solutions was simply fascinating. Each surprised them with its ultramodern approach and left a vivid impression after usage.

This year's startups surprised Pavel Yablonskiy and Vasyl Kuchma with plenty of different ideas. Each product offered a whole new approach to long-standing processes and problems. For instance, the LIDAR perception software was presented by a Korean company Vueron. This system is based on AI algorithms and is capable of identifying objects around the sensor. Using such development, the company wants to bring safety quality to an entirely new level.

At IFA Berlin 2022, it was possible not only to look at and personally try inventions but also to listen to the top brands talking about such issues as globalization and the future of the technology market. In addition, many other important factors that directly or indirectly affect the business sector were raised during the conferences.

It is also noted that this year’s main focus of IFA Berlin 2022 was the concept of sustainability. The choice of such a gradient is explained by the intense climate changes that occur in our time, concern about the prosperous future of the next generations, inculcation of conscious consumption in society, and the energy crisis caused by Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. With these factors in mind, the leading players in the technology market developed their latest products.

Software Development Hub also tries to focus on a sustainable future. Before the 24th of February, our team worked for quite a long period on Terneo project. When we started our cooperation, it was a startup that grew into a serious project with time. Our primary purpose was to improve the thermoregulation system by implementing artificial intelligence. It would make a significant difference to the process. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances directly connected to the war, it became impossible to continue that partnership.

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