Software Development Hub Opens Representative Office in Germany

Jan 11, 2023 0 min read 703
Nadiia Rostovetska Marketer
Software Development Hub Opens Representative Office in Germany


Software Development Hub is on the way to transforming from a purely Ukrainian company into a multinational and opening a headquarters office in Germany.

The decision to open an office in Europe was made long ago, but we considered several jurisdictions. Here are some levers that became convincing on the side of Germany: 4th largest economy in the world, proximity to Ukraine, and widespread use of English. This choice allowed us to diversify risks and facilitate work on foreign contracts, becoming a pivotal support for the whole team. 

It should be noted Germany is attractive not only for its favorable environment for business development and access to the international market. The country actively demonstrates its interest in entrepreneurs, investors, and people of tech professions. Thus, SDH Ukraine did not so much relocate to Europe but consciously chose the path of expansion and investment.

SDH in Germany

The SDH IT GmbH team is formed mainly of Ukrainian specialists. However, we have plans to involve local IT specialists in projects. 

The company will work on an outsourcing services model with the in-house team and head office in Hamburg. It will specialize in the business domains of digital health, enterprise optimization, e-accounting, logistics, home automation, and security.

The conclusions we made for ourselves.

  1. The strong economy and good business climate make Germany attractive for startups to relocate and launch their business on the German market.
  2. Business associations and chambers of commerce and industry are an integral part of the German economy and provide an opportunity for the voices of small and medium-sized enterprises to be heard.
  3.  "Made in Germany" has become synonymous with quality and reliability, and belonging to a prestigious jurisdiction allows you to participate in international projects.
  4. Punctuality and slowness in Germany are essential. Only step-by-step.
  5. We realized that we were stronger than we thought. 

No matter how unexpected it may sound, the forced opening of the headquarters in Hamburg and the search for solutions to reduce the risks from the war had positive results. In particular, during the office's setup, we immediately applied a sustainable approach and minimized office hours, focusing on a remote-first format. 

SDH IT GmbH team kindly invites everyone to meet in person and have a coffee in the new office by prior arrangement.


Anckelmannspaltz 1, 20537 Hamburg, Germany; tel. +49 (0) 402 360 8920; fax. +49 (0) 402 360 8500;


SDH IT GmbH office in Germany


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