How AI-Powered Apps Helps Those with Diabetes

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How AI-Powered Apps Helps Those with Diabetes

According to approximate statistics for the year 2023, about 7% of people on the planet are living with diabetes. That's more than 400 million people, and the number is growing unstoppably!

Almost half of these people may not even be aware of their disease, and some may not be treating it properly or even stop doing it altogether. But that just means that we need to work in this direction to make sure that humanity keeps healthy. And maybe in the future, this problem will completely disappear.

What is diabetes and why it's worth looking for a solution

Diabetes is the common name for a group of chronic endocrine diseases. There are two main types of diabetes – type I and type II.

  • The first type includes those people whose body does not produce insulin at all, or produces it in small amounts. However, this hormone is very important, because it influences metabolism and the transfer of glucose from the blood to the cells of the body. Also, this type of diabetes is called insulin-dependent.
  • The second type of the disease (or insulin-independent) is characterized by the fact that the body produces insulin, but for one reason or another, the body's cells are not sensitive to it.

In each case the management of diabetes plays an important role, as there is no solution for this disease and it is only possible to correct and maintain the current state. This is the only way for sick people to live a normal life, but sometimes it is very difficult.

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How AI-based applications for diabetics can help?

Artificial intelligence has penetrated almost all spheres of our life. Thanks to its ability to process large amounts of information in a quick manner, learn and independently solve tasks and problems, it has become indispensable for the development of industries. This technology is also benefiting diabetes. Here are the main ways in which AI helps in this issue:

Preventing the development of type II diabetes

As we know, type II diabetes is an acquired disease. That is why people who are predisposed to it should lead a healthy lifestyle, control their blood sugar levels and early alarm signs in order to prevent this disease. Different applications built on AI technology can analyze your health data and warn you about possible risks.

For example, there is software that can access your medical records and by analyzing information about your health, they can determine if you are at risk.

Also, there are other programs like those that collect information about what you ate, how much you moved during the day, what your blood pressure is and so on. By analyzing these indicators and matching it to the early signs of diabetes, these applications can help you adjust your situation for the better.

Artificial intelligence-based applications for diabetes management

Artificial intelligence offers many useful features and functions for those who are already aware of their disease and want to control their blood sugar levels to avoid bad outcomes such as stroke, kidney failure, blindness, coma and more.
Thus, AI-powered apps for diabetics can help you with:

  • designing your daily menu
  • monitoring your activity during the entire day
  • reminding you to measure your blood glucose levels
  • determining the right dose of insulin
  • predicting your sugar levels based on your body's response to certain factors
  • self-monitoring of sugar levels (if you use special wearable IoT devices) and much more.

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Developing solutions for treatment automation

Artificial intelligence and its ability to collect and process data, as well as its ability to learn how to cope with different situations, can be of great help in finding solutions to make life easier for diabetics or even cure them. This technology can provide scientists with a good basis for development in this direction.

At the moment, there are several projects that are in the testing phase. Their concept is that a chip or a certain device in the human body constantly measures the level of sugar in the blood. After that it controls the automatic supply of insulin to keep it in the normal range. It is quite possible that in the near future, we will see the presentation of a worthy solution.

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