The DiaHero app has been awarded Best App Designs: Android and iOS by DesignRush

May 25, 2022 0 min read 1561
Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
The DiaHero app has been awarded Best App Designs: Android and iOS by DesignRush

DiaHero app was awarded in 14 Best App Designs by DesignRush

Recently a mobile app for diabetics, which our team worked on, received a mention in the ranking of the globally popular B2B marketplace DesignRush

About the project

DiaHero is a Ukrainian project designed to make life easier for people with diabetes. DiaHero is the mobile applications for diabetes management. The app is a handy medical "journal" for a diabetic, which allows patients to keep track of blood sugar levels, record the content of each meal with automatic calculation of its bread units, and calculate the required insulin dose.

 mobile health applications for self-management of diabetes

Having extensive experience in implementing nationwide complex healthcare solutions (MIS MedstarMedcard24 app, IDIS IoT), SDH realized this engaging task with immersion. 

Some features of DiaHero app:

  • Insulin dose calculator. The app automatically calculates the required insulin depending on the scheduled meal plan or consumed amount of carbs each mealtime.

  • Meal plan compilation. According to the specific amount of bread units per portion or carbohydrate targets for each meal, a user can form his/her own meal plan for a day.

  • Menu formation. The app allows a user to create a diet menu consisting of custom and built-in meal options, based on the specified amount of bread units or carbohydrate grams.

  • Reminders. A user pre-arranges the schedule according to which gets notifications on taking blood sugar level measurements, meals, and insulin injections.

  • Bread Units counting. Automated build-in BUs counting function allows a user to compare completely different types of food to each other and measure the impact they have on the diet.


The process of developing a mobile app for diabetes management

1. Discovery stage:

1.1. Idea and Research (business analysis stage).
1.2. UI/UX Design.

2. Development stage:

2.1. Software development (coding)
2.2. Quality assurance and UAT testing.
2.3. Support and maintenance.

At different stages, the project team consisted of a UX designer, a project manager, backend and frontend developers, a QA engineer, and an Android developer.

Mobile applications for diabetes management

We used technologies such as Kotlin, Koin, Android SDK, Navigation Components, Room DB, Retrofit 2, MVVM patterns, Kaspresso (UI test).


Proud of the overall achievement! 



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