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Partner’s objective

To create a unified document management system for the health facilities, medical laboratories and patients shared use. The system has to provide entry, storage, and processing of patient's medical data easily.

SDH solution

Our team developed the end-to-end cloud platform for both patients and healthcare providers. MIS has two types of admin dashboards with many features for patients and medical staff correspondingly. Each user should perform authentication with the phone number in order to access its dashboard. So all the personal information is securely stored in the cloud. Moreover, we synchronized the MIS with eHealth, the Ukrainian flagship electronic healthcare system that automates central medical database management. MIS Medstar™ is one of the top 3 medical information systems in Ukraine:
8M+ patients
37K+ physicians
120K appointments per day
15% of the Ukrainian market.


Backend: Python, Django, Django REST Framework Frontend: JS, jQuery, ReactJS, HTML5, Google API (Google Maps, Google GeoEncoder), Other: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Celery.

Features and Results

Electronic signatures.

The system uses e-signatures for authorization of the medical personnel, all documents signing and printing to prevent fraud.

A health professional’s profile.

Registered as a medical professional, a user can manage its patients' queue and house calls, look through an EHR prior to a visit, prepare an e-prescription, monitor patients among regional medical institutions.

A patient’s profile.

Registered as a patient, a user can search and pick a suitable medical institution, schedule a visit to a doctor online, look through its EHR, communicate with a primary care physician.

Connection to eHealth.

It allows to perform accurate financial accounting, hospitals drug provision monitoring and to eliminate corruption schemes through the human factor

Integration with other systems.

The MIS could be easily integrated with pharmacy management systems to simplify the preferential medicines registration.

Built-in classification systems.

The app has classification systems of medicines, clinical practice guidelines and medical classification list ICD-10 out of the box.

A unified Electronic Health Record (EHR).

A patient's info (a doctor's appointment booking, hospital discharge, etc.) is recorded and available to all treatment process participants, as well as for further integration.


statistics gathering
protected personal data
DAU performance app


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