Learning Management System UX/UI Design Tips

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Learning Management System UX/UI Design Tips

With each passing day, more and more of the modern world's industries are migrating online. This is a new stage in their development. For the most part, all these changes are positive. But, the reason for these changes is the Covid-19 pandemic.

The learning industry is one of those that has undergone the biggest transformation. Currently, instead of face-to-face training in universities, schools or different companies, it is more common to use LMS.

What is LMS?

LMS stands for the learning management system. Such platforms allow you to learn the material or teach it remotely. This is more convenient because each of the participants can do the activities at any time and in any location. In essence, its principles are based on classroom teaching methods:

  1. Presentation of theory.
  2. Exercising assignments to reinforce theoretical knowledge.
  3. Checking knowledge by means of control tests.
  4. Evaluation of success.

Why is UX/UI important when developing a learning management system?

UX/UI design is the creation of products in which content and user-friendliness are as important as their appearance. But is it really essential for a learning management system?

Of course, it is! Developing the platform in such a way means that your platform will definitely pay for itself. At the same time, your workers will gain a lot of knowledge, which they can apply in the work. Therefore, the overall success of your company, as well as the quality of your products, will be definitely improved. If you thought out LMS UX/UI, you also would gain the following benefits:

  • users will have a better understanding of the material presented on the platform
  • by implementing an intuitive interface, you will reduce the stress level of customers because they will feel that everything is clear to them
  • customized design with specific colors or fonts will increase recognition of your product
  • the probability that a user may want to return to the application you have developed is extremely high

But, what exactly would a learning management system UX/UI have to be to achieve all of the mentioned benefits?

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LMS UX/UI Design Tips

Go into minimalism

The main purpose of the LMS is to learn or teach. It means that you should focus only on the main goal and eliminate everything unnecessary. That is, every detail of the interface should serve a specific function. 

Avoid wasting screen space with unnecessary rubbish. Make sure you use colors or fonts to concentrate more attention on the training material so as not to scatter the user's attention.

Take care of the rapid adaptation of users

If people can quickly understand how a new platform works, they can start using it immediately. And this is one of the first priorities for successful product development. The best way to accomplish this is to use onboarding. It helps to present the features and benefits of your platform to a new user in a short period of time, with the aid of attractive animations or something like that.

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The intuitive layout of application elements

There are many common UI element layouts that most applications use. For most users, this has become completely habitual. That's why it's called an intuitive interface. Do you want people to understand your service easily? Use your audience analysis and put your knowledge into practice!

Adapt the LMS to different devices

As mobile phones increasingly become the main tool for work and learning, you need to think about how your platform will look on different devices. It is important to make sure that everything looks seamless, both in the web version and in the mobile application. 

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