Top 50 Dental Startups to Know in 2024

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Daria Sizova Business Development Manager
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Top 50 Dental Startups to Know in 2024

The field of dentistry has seen significant technological advances over the past few years: sophisticated software has replaced paper-and-hand systems, clear eliners have become an alternative to wire braces, and telesthodontics is gaining momentum as an adjunct to office-based treatment visits.

Dental technology companies are at the forefront of this process. Whether they serve practitioners or patients, here's how they are working to improve dentistry. In this post, we will explore the top 50 dentistry startups that are making waves in the industry, bringing new solutions, and transforming the future of oral healthcare.

Disclaimer. This article sources information from a variety of websites and publicly available descriptions on the internet, as well as project websites. The authors of this article do not guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of the information provided. While efforts have been made to adhere to fair use principles to the extent permitted by law, the use of material from other sources is for informational purposes and commentary, and no liability is assumed for such usage. Readers are encouraged to independently verify information and consult official sources for verification. The authors are not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of this material.

1. Dentalcorp

Website: Dentalcorp

Dentalcorp acquires and partners with the country's top dental practices to provide resources, support and technology to ensure they stay at the forefront of oral care in Canada. With hands-on courses, webinars, live training and eLearning, Dentalcorp delivers world-class professional development and dental continuing education to learners across Canada.

2. Cloud Dentistry

Website: Cloud Dentistry

Cloud Dentistry is an online interactive platform for dental offices to connect with dental staff in real-time. The platform's messenger allows users to communicate directly. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Houston, Texas, United States.

3. Sonendo

Website: Sonendo

Sonendo is a medical technology company focused on saving teeth from tooth decay, the most prevalent chronic disease globally. Sonendo develops and manufactures the GentleWave System, an innovative technology platform designed to treat tooth decay by cleaning and disinfecting the microscopic spaces within teeth without the need to remove tooth structure. 

Sonendo is also the parent company of TDO Software, the developer of widely used endodontic practice management software solutions, designed to simplify practice workflow. 

4. PlusDental 

Website: PlusDental

Developer of transparent dental aligners designed to offer a modern alternative to teeth braces. The company relies on state-of-the-art 3D techniques and cooperation with leading orthodontists and dentists to offer invisible tooth rails for correcting dental misalignments, enabling patients to have a brighter smile.

5. Convergent Dental

Website: Convergent Dental

Convergent Dental is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company. The Company's flagship product, Solea, is the only CO2 laser to be cleared by the FDA for all-tissue indications and delivers an anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free experience that you can count on.

6. Imagoworks

Website: Imagoworks

Imagoworks Inc. offers a Web-based Dental CAD solution using AI, streamlining the digital workflow for dental professionals. Together with world-class technology, Imagoworks is setting new standards for digital dentistry in the global market.

7. Calcivis

Website: Calcivis

Calcivis has developed a completely novel imaging technology that enables clinicians to visualize active decay early when it can be stopped and potentially reversed so that patients can be treated before a cavity develops that requires drilling and filling.

8. Mouthwatch

Website: Mouthwatch

MouthWatch is a dentech company founded in 2012 by CEO Brant Herman, and COO Bob Bellhouse, bringing high-quality, affordable intraoral cameras and novel teledentistry software to the market. In 2022, MouthWatch is launching a new company, Dentistry.One, to bring a virtual care and ai-powered dental first solution to the health and wellness sectors. MouthWatch is one of the fastest growing private companies, as recognized by INC 5000 in 2020 and 2021, and has won many best-in-class awards in the dental industry.

9. Biolase

Website: Biolase

BIOLASE is the world’s leading innovator in dental lasers. State-of-the-art dental lasers deliver unparalleled precision, efficiency, and patient comfort with minimally invasive solutions for optimal outcomes. BIOLASE can revolutionize your practice by reducing aerosols and increasing your ROI through patient-friendly treatments across multiple specialties.

10. Two Front

Website: Two Front

Two Front is building a state-of-the-art orthodontic practice through a high-tech services platform . It enables orthodontists to run virtual practices, partnering with dentists for office space and comprehensive patient care. Orthodontists grow, dentists win, and patients smile better. You can implement a versatile virtual orthodontic platform that is guaranteed to expand your eliners business.

11. Dentulu

Website: Dentulu

Dentulu is an innovative platform that brings modern dentistry to your fingertips. We provide convenient and accessible dental care through cutting-edge telehealth services, virtual consultations, and online prescription services. With Dentulu, you can connect with professional dentists, receive expert advice, and access a wide range of dental resources, all from the comfort of your own home.

Dentulu's mission is to revolutionize the dental industry by leveraging technology to enhance the patient experience.

12. Medismart

Website: Medismart

Medismart is an innovator in medical technology and is committed to simplifying access to healthcare in the Latin American region. Currently, with offices in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, Medismart serves more than 4 million users and provides more than 2,000 telemedicine services per day through a staff of more than 300 highly trained healthcare professionals.

The goal is to improve the quality of life for people across the region by making healthcare more accessible, efficient and reliable.

13. Klar Smile

Website: Klar Smile

Klar Smile is an Indonesia-based oral wellness startup that manufactures tailor-made clear dental aligners that act as invisible plastic braces for patients.

14. Silver Creek Dental Partners

Website: Silver Creek Dental Partners

Silver Creek Dental Partners is a support organization designed to pursue partnership-based affiliations with prominent dental practices. They are a boutique Dental Support Organization (DSO) formed to partner with prominent practices in California. 

15. Smiletronix

Website: Smiletronix

Home dental check-up, tracking and tele-dentistry solution.

  • Image capture. Images are captured either by you or by the device.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Advanced machine learning technology with artificial intelligence used to assess your teeth.
  • Analysis. In-depth data analysis so our software can provide you with a detailed report 

Check your oral health anywhere, anytime with Smiletronix, the home dental checkup solution.

16. Lightwave

Website: Lightwave

Lightwave was created as the industry's first organization of dental practice leaders to help them grow, lead and achieve their goals. It takes the burden of insurance negotiations, patient billing, marketing, human resources, recruitment and more off of dentists' shoulders.

17. Inference Analytics

Website: Inference Analytics

The Inference Analytics real-time AI platform is built from the ground-up to generate detailed radiology reports automatically, saving you time and effort. With our platform, you can create more sophisticated and detailed reports in seconds.

18. Digital Aligner

Website: Digital Aligner

Digital Aligner is a manufacturer of innovative invisible eliners that are made from raw materials from Europe, but manufactured in Brazil to ensure fast delivery. 

Every tooth is unique, so each eliner is made by a qualified professional to ensure comfort and the best possible appearance.

19. Gumzzz

Website: Gumzzz

Gumzzz is an innovative tech start-up project for worldwide dentistry, aiming to bring a digital revolution in the way we, as consumers, and dental clinics, interact with the digital world, from communication to unlimited access to dental services. Furthermore, Gumzzz is a B2B tool that offers dental clinics worldwide marketing tools, customer care, management, and sales digital tools to grow their practice and revenues without time, effort, and money investment.

20. Coviu Global

Website: Coviu Global

Coviu is an elevated telehealth software solution for healthcare practices and organisations. Software is browser-based, meaning no downloads are required and access to your digital practice is just a click away.

Coviu provides an all-in-one virtual care engagement platform that enables providers to deliver a superior, frictionless virtual care experience combined with à la carte industry-leading apps to improve clinical outcomes, capacity and workflow efficiencies. Coviu’s technology delivers on a vision of a 'connected care – system of action' that enables providers to deliver rapid patient care impact by eliminating many of the traditional obstacles to doing so.

21. Asvin Tech (DENTRA)

Website: Asvin Tech (DENTRA)

DENTRA is an AI-Powered, Scalable, and Affordable IntraOral 3D Scanning Platform designed to make a dentist's work clutter-free, smooth, and organized along with improving the overall quality of the treatment.

With DENTRA, once the dentist scans a patient, the 3D scans of the patients’ mouth get uploaded to servers. Then DENTRA send the scans to partner dental labs and provide real-time updates to the dentist. 


Website: DENTIGI

For busy individuals looking for dental services, Dentu is a marketplace where appointments can be made in the most efficient and convenient way. Unlike other similar marketplaces, Dentu is exclusive to the dental industry and brings transparency to the industry by providing customers with accessible information on the dental professionals of choice.

23. Denti.AI

Website: Denti.AI

Denti.AI: Automated diagnostics and charting for dental X-rays, CBCT and Voice data. Denti.AI will launch directly from your practice management software, help identify pathology and other conditions found on standard radiographs and CBCT, and export user-selected treatment plan codes into the patient chart, saving 15 minutes per patient and improving compliance across your network. It will even listen to your voice commands to help fill out period charts.

‍Denti.AI is pursuing regulatory clearance for clinical image processing.

24. CoTreat

Website: CoTreat

CoTreat is an AI diagnostics platform for dentistry. CoTreat combines artificial intelligence technology with the principles of ethical, evidence-based dentistry to benefit practitioners, clinic owners and patients. CoTreat's evidence-based artificial intelligence platform, CoTreat Navigator provides new and important insights from your patients' data.

25. Neighborhood Health Center

Website: Neighborhood Health Center

Neighborhood Health Center is a nonprofit firm that provides health care and support services for medically underserved people.

26. Dentaverse

Website: Dentaverse

Dentaverse is a web3 gateway for dentistry, connecting students, universities, professionals and dental suppliers in 3D and virtual reality. A virtual reality platform that meets your personal and professional dental needs. As a Dentaverse member, you get 24/7 access to our online resources, tools and services.

27. Apex Dental Partners

Website: Apex Dental Partners

Apex Dental Partners is a dental support organization that provides non-clinical and administrative support services to dentists. Partnering with Apex gives you the opportunity to devote 100% of your time to your patients, while Apex takes care of everything else: operations, marketing, financial management, human resources. 

28. Seena

Website: Seena

Seena is a fintech company that specializes in providing BNPL solutions for the plastic and elective surgeries that are not covered by the medical insurance.

29. MCA Dental Group

Website: MCA Dental Group

MCA Dental Group acquires and manages dental practices across Canada, allowing dentists to focus on dentistry rather than management. At MCA, we support our dental partners in all non-clinical aspects of their dental practice – from accounting and procurement to marketing and recruitment. By partnering with MCA Dental Group, dental partners benefit from industry-leading management approaches designed to take their practice to the next level while affording them more personal time and financial freedom.

30. Mariposa Community Health Center

Website: Mariposa Community Health Center

Mariposa Community Health Center provides medical, dentistry, pharmacy, labs, disease prevention, community and behavioral health services.

31. 5 Quarters

Website: 5 Quarters

5 Quarters Medical was founded in 2016 and has been in the market for dental education for more than 4 years. Since early beginnings we were driven by youth's strong passion and a genuine sense of duty to help dental students everywhere by providing better education while maintaining affordable prices.

32. Sensory Health

Website: Sensory Health

Patients with sensory needs and dental anxieties face substantial barriers to dental care. Sensory Health work with providers to make their environments more accommodating, and deliver trainings to help them to work with patients who have sensory needs.

33. Voxeldance

Website: Voxeldance

VoxelDance is a 3D printing software company that provides powerful 3D printing software solutions to designers and manufacturers in a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, industrial mold making, consumer products, and more.

34. Today's Dental Network

Website: Today's Dental Network

Today’s Dental Network is a people-first dental partnership organization in West Central Florida. TDN provides business solutions that allow dental specialists do what they do best: care for patients. Today’s Dental Network provides a full suite of solutions and services including, IT systems, infrastructure & security, finance and accounting, sales & marketing solutions, human resources, risk management, legal and compliance administration, as well as acquisition and de novo practice expansion support.

35. Sikka

Website: Sikka

Sikka is rethinking the retail healthcare, life insurance and markets industries by using an award-winning single API cloud platform with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. 

How does the platform work? Healthcare providers connect to the platform to download apps and services to optimize their business and leverage the power of data to make actionable and insightful decisions. The API connects to 96% of the retail healthcare market, practice management systems and financial systems.

36. Healthcare Bluebook

Website: Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook’s goal is to protect consumers and companies nationwide from overpriced, low-quality healthcare. Using industry-leading objective price and quality data and claims-driven ROI reporting, Bluebook’s intuitive online healthcare shopping solution provides 7,000+ employers and members with an easy-to-use benefits solution that increases movement to high-value care, driving savings and rapid ROI, and provides greater price predictability.

Combined with a proven engagement methodology, Bluebook’s innovative suite of services empowers employees to become smarter healthcare shoppers, while decreasing costs and improving healthcare outcomes.

37. Greyfinch

Website: Greyfinch

Greyfinch is a all-in-one platform to manage and grow your orthodontic practice. Save hours of repetition, stress, and headaches for your business every week. With just a few clicks, you can reduce manual work, wait times, and back-office tasks with smart features.

38. Ackuretta

Website: Ackuretta

Ackuretta strives to be the leader in high-tech and high-precision dental 3D printing equipment, making a transition to digital dentistry affordable and accessible to clinics and laboratories across the globe. Since our company's founding in 2013, we have been aiming to provide flawless plug-and-play innovations, supporting where needed with.

39. Cloud 9 Software

Website: Cloud 9 Software

Cloud 9 Software is a cloud-based practice management solution for Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Group Practices, & Dental Support Organizations (DSOs). With over 100 years of development experience, customers trust our software to help with patient management, appointment scheduling, billing, treatment plans, and more. 


Website: MEDIT

MEDIT is a producer of dental scanners committed to driving the digital dentistry revolution. They provide dental clinics and labs with 3D measuring and CAD/CAM solutions, including intraoral scanners. They create platform solutions for collaborative workflows in digital dentistry.

41. Fotona d.o.o.

Website: Fotona d.o.o.

Fotona today is a world-leading medical laser company recognized for its innovative, award-winning laser systems for applications in aesthetics & dermatology, dentistry, surgery and gynecology. Based in the US (Dallas, Texas) and EU (Ljubljana, Slovenia), with regional subsidiaries also in China (Fotona Beauty Light) and Germany (Fotona GmbH), Fotona’s business philosophy is to continuously choose perfection to meet the needs of a highly demanding global marketplace.

42. Panthera Dental

Website: Panthera Dental

Panthera Dental is committed to design and manufacture custom-made dental restorations, sleep breathing disorder solutions and implantology products using proprietary CAD/CAM processes, smart manufacturing and superior quality materials. Panthera’s highly skilled and passionate team is dedicated to provide the highest quality outcomes and to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to dental, medical and sleep professionals who strive to improve patients’ quality of life worldwide.

43. Verena Solutions

Website: Verena Solutions

Verena Solutions is an online platform that simplifies business through technology for the dental and mental industries.

44. Foglaljorvost

Website: Foglaljorvost

Foglaljorvost is an online appointment booking platform connecting private clinics, doctors, and patients.

45. Oxtex Limited

Website: Oxtex Limited

Oxtex Limited, a medical device company, manufactures anisotropic self-inflating tissue expanders that is based on hydrogel technology.

46. Tempeak

Website: Tempeak

Tempeak is a temporary and permanent staffing placement company that is provided to you by SemereyDentalManagement, LLC. Tempeak provides a simple solution to staffing issues for Dental community all over United States. It directly connects the employee to an employer in a matter of minutes via mobile apps. 

47. Dentalzon

Website: Dentalzon

Dentalzon is the first marketplace to compare, select and buy dental supplies from anywhere in the world, including your own current supllier.

48. InPronto

Website: InPronto

InPronto is a dental device and service company that enables the dentist to outsource the entire dental implant procedure.

49. Innovative Dental Technologies

Website: Innovative Dental Technologies

Innovative Dental Technologies is an independent dental product development company. The Innovative Dental Technologies team develops products independently and also works with dentists to bring their ideas to market. Services include all aspects of the innovation process, including development, manufacturing, sales and business operations.

50. Dent & Co

Website: Dent & Co

Dent&Co Dental Helper is a medical and patient management system that provides chatbots for customer management in medical institutions, and introduces new patients through cross-channel online appointment channels. There are currently 3,000 dentists using it, and 15,000 online pre-registrations per month. 

SDH had the pleasure of meeting Dent&Co’s representatives on VivaTech in Paris.

These top 50 dentistry startups are driving innovation, improving access to care, and transforming the dental industry. From orthodontics and virtual consultations to advanced dental technologies and AI-driven diagnostics, these startups are reshaping the way oral healthcare is delivered and experienced. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to disrupt the dentistry landscape and pave the way for a more convenient, efficient, and patient-centric future in dental care.

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Disclaimer. This article sources information from a variety of websites and publicly available descriptions on the internet, as well as project websites. The authors of this article do not guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of the information provided. While efforts have been made to adhere to fair use principles to the extent permitted by law, the use of material from other sources is for informational purposes and commentary, and no liability is assumed for such usage. Readers are encouraged to independently verify information and consult official sources for verification. The authors are not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of this material.


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