Startup Incubators and Programs in Berlin that Drive Growth

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Startup Incubators and Programs in Berlin that Drive Growth

Often, successful and viable startup ideas fail at the very beginning due to the lack of experience of the founder or the banal lack of funds. Business incubators, companies that support a startup at all stages of its development, can help in the development of a promising project.

How does it work? A startup development company consists of a large number of specialists who guide the project, regardless of its industry. But there is one important condition: startup accelerators take under their wing projects at very early stages, literally, fresh, undeveloped ideas, and deal with them from 1 to 3 years. The support package includes an office for rent or sublease for a small fee, information support, business plan development, etc.

Below we have compiled a list of the best startup incubators in Berlin.


Website: AdMaLab

Berlin laboratory of equipment and materials. The support program lasts six months and includes online activities, as well as personal meetings with wards, specialized training, and mentoring.

Berlin Startup School Accelerator

Website: Berlin Startup School Accelerator

Accelerator with business mentor Thomas Andersen is a startup accelerator with six months of support from product prototype to investor readiness. Forwards monthly payments, access to coworking, individual training, etc. 

Berliner Startup Stipendium

  • Berliner Startup Stipendium \ Startup Incubator Berlin (HWR Berlin) Grant is designed to support founders with a startup concept or prototype in preparation for entering the market. 
  • Berliner Startup Stipendium an der BHT gives start-up founders a scholarship for up to 12 months. Terms of cooperation: technological projects that are at the stage of planning or entering the market.
  • Berliner Startup Stipendium an der HTW Berlin was designed to provide financial and mentor support to start-ups in sectors such as social entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship, and smart city. Requirements for scholarship holders: the team must include 2-4 people. The scholarship is 2200 euros per person per month; funding is provided for eight months and can be extended for another four months. Prototyping support, coaching and mentors, HTW Berlin workspace, and access to co-working, workshops, and labs are provided.
  • Science & Startups Health – Berliner Startup Stipendium (2SH BSS) was founded to support founders who offer start-ups with a focus on knowledge, science, and technology. Access to experience, know-how, technologies, and events is provided.

Better Together

Website: Better Together

Better Together is a circular economy incubator. Assistance to start-up entrepreneurs is provided in the form of scholarships and individual business coaching. The mentee gets the space, tools, and network to build partnerships.

Bosch Startup Harbour

Bosch Startup Harbour enables collaboration between young projects at an early stage, which allows you to test new technologies for viability, test business models, and accelerate the growth of new companies. You can contact Dariush Franczak, CTO of TechNow, or the head of the incubator Veronika Brandt.

Creative Prototyping x Sustainability

Website: Creative Prototyping x Sustainability

The scholarship program funds models, experiments, and projects to ensure a smooth and painless development process for a technology-driven prototype. 2200 euros per person per month is allocated, in addition to the scholarship expert advice, full-time work on the project, and the opportunity to use the workshops. The team working on the finished prototype should have no more than 5 people, the idea provider should be from Udk Berlin, and all team members should have a first degree and be located in Berlin.

DesignFarmBerlin Design in Tech Accelerator

Website: DesignFarmBerlin - Design in Tech Accelerator

DesignFarmBerlin provides grants for design startups. As an initiative of the Weißensee art school, the incubator funds projects in the fields of health, music, communications, fashion, and more. Jan Berewinkel, director and partner of the Startup Unit in Berlin.

Berlin Innovation Agency

Website: Berlin Innovation Agency

BIA is a boutique agency developing innovation, transformation and learning journeys for corporates, startups, and scaleups. They have ClimateX Startup Accelerator, an 8-month equity-free program supporting visionary climate entrepreneurs to launch and scale their ventures. The ClimateX Startup Accelerator is a pre-seed startup program for ambitious entrepreneurs working in the fields of Climate Tech, Smart City, and Urban Innovation that addresses the most pressing climate challenges the world is facing today.

Gründungswerkstatt Adlershof III (GWA III)

Website: Gründungswerkstatt Adlershof III

GWA III is a program for financing technically sustainable and technology-oriented start-ups. During the year 2-3 startup owners are awarded a scholarship of 2,000 euros. Mentees can attend workshops and benefit from coaching and technology developments. Among the advantages is a workplace in a coworking space.


Website: Reaktor.Berlin

Reaktor.Berlin is a 6-month support program for pre-seed startups. Financing of 13,200 euros per founder without capital. Such giants as Project A, West tech ventures, etc., invest in startups of the incubator.

Science & Startups - Sustainable City

Website: Science & Startups - Sustainable City

Science & Startups Sustainable City is an opportunity to access the programs and resources of Berlin universities. Talented startups can benefit from innovative research, infrastructure, and collaboration with mentors and co-founders. Since 2010, 60 million euros have been allocated to start-up funding.

SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator

Website: SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator

SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator effectively supports technology projects in the early stages of the cycle. Each team member is given a stipend of 2,000 euros for eight months. In touch are the coach for female founders of technology startups and business angels Urte Zahn and the program director of SIBB Incubator Ron SIBB.

Soulincubator II

Website: Soulincubator II

Soulincubator II is a funding program for impact startups, which, unfortunately, was closed in June 2023 and funded by the European Union, as well as the state of Berlin.


Website: MotionLab

MotionLab provides programs for startups, contributing to the development of projects. Fellows receive pleasant bonuses in the form of a place in a coworking space, and the opportunity to share experiences in the community, attend master classes, and use prototyping equipment. 

React Startup Stipendium

Website: React Startup Stipendium

React Startup Stipendium is a component of the Berlin School of Economics and Law, where 55 courses operate and more than 11,000 students study. Entrepreneurs who enlist the support of the accelerator are funded on the basis of the university and have access to laboratories, the results of intellectual developments. 


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