SDH Wins in the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards®

Jul 06, 2023 9 min read 748
Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
SDH Wins in the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards®

SDH triumphs at the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards® – GOLD GLOBEE® WINNER in the International Business Professional of the Year award.

[Hamburg, Germany] – [7th June 2023] – SDH, a software development company, proudly announces its victory at the esteemed 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards® in the International Business Professional of the Year nomination. The Globee Awards, known for organizing world-class business awards programs and business ranking lists, has recognized Viacheslav Bukhantsov, CEO; Vasyl Kuchma, Managing Partner; and Pavlo Yablonskyi, CTO as standout winners in this year’s prestigious event.

"Receiving the prestigious International Business Professional of the Year award at the esteemed Globee® Business Awards fills us with immense pride. It serves as a testament that even small victories lay the foundation for significant accomplishments. And we are a victorious team," – Vasyl Kuchma said.

About Golden Bridge Awards

The 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards celebrates organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievements, innovation, and excellence across various industries. This prestigious recognition program honors the trailblazers, disruptors, and visionaries who have pushed the boundaries of possibility and made significant contributions to their respective fields. From cutting-edge technology advancements to groundbreaking marketing campaigns, the Golden Bridge Awards provide a platform to showcase and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of these organizations. By highlighting their successes, the awards inspire others to strive for greatness, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. The Golden Bridge Awards truly embody the spirit of recognizing and celebrating the exceptional accomplishments that shape our world.

The complete list of 2023 winners is here.

“This esteemed recognition stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment and exceptional efforts of our talented individuals and teams who continuously strive to positively impact the world of technology and business amidst warfare's challenges. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed panel of judges for this recognition, and we remain resolute in our dedication to delivering innovative solutions and outstanding service to our valued clients. This award inspires us to push boundaries further and continue driving positive disruption in our industry,” – Viacheslav Bukhantsov remarked. 

“Congratulations to all the remarkable winners of the 2023 Golden Bridge Awards! We are thrilled to honor the outstanding innovations and exceptional business achievements showcased by these visionary organizations. Each winner has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility and driving positive change within their respective industries. It is their relentless pursuit of excellence that sets them apart as leaders in today’s competitive landscape. We applaud their creativity, resilience, and unwavering dedication to success,” – San Madan, President of Globee Awards.

The rigorous judging process involved over 350 industry experts from around the world, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

Software Development Hub (SDH for short) is a team of 100 software engineers united by the mission to be a reliable partner in gaining their goals through IT outsourcing. 

SDH Wins in the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards®


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