What Does Project Manager Do at Each Stage of Software Development Process?

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What Does Project Manager Do at Each Stage of Software Development Process?

Running your own project involves solving many problems. It is necessary to coordinate the budget, perform operations with documents, look for clients, etc. But if you are planning to launch software or a mobile application, it is unlikely that you will be able to manage all on your own. It is important to enlist the support of a development team that will meet your requirements, ensure clear planning and coordinated team work. All this is done by the project manager. What his/her role in the development process is and what it does at each stage, will be viewed below.

Why project manager is needed

A project manager is a person who manages the development process. He designs and prioritizes, plans the execution of tasks, controls the completion of each stage and the achievement of results.  His duties also include control, communication and coordination of actions between specialists, risk management, solving emerging difficulties and problems. 

Theoretically, the project manager is not a technical specialist. However, the experience of many companies in Europe shows that the position of project manager is awarded after several years of development or testing. 

The key responsibility of the project manager is to bring the customer's idea to implementation. At the same time, it is important to act within the agreed time frame, to make a development plan in advance, to gather a team, to ensure that workflows are carried out and feedback is provided between the client and the supplier.

Manager’s contribution into development

The importance of experience and professionalism of the project manager is critical during the development phase. The lack of coordination provided by the project manager leads to increased expenses for solving errors unlike those required in the optimal case. 

Manager’s actions at the development stage

Manager performs the following tasks at the stage of software development:

  • tracking and control of processes; 
  • maintaining focus on key areas of work, preventing the "spread" of resources to secondary processes; 
  • problem solving and alterations; 
  • negotiating with clients, implementing an action plan; 
  • team management, coordination of team members’ actions; 
  • submission of reports on the team performance, on mistakes made; 
  • updating the backlog and informing the team about changes based on the results of testing; 
  • team building; 
  • creation of a friendly microclimate in the team, organization of meetings, study of the needs of specialists. 

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Steps to be taken by project manager at each stage of development

The projects that SDH works on, in most cases, fit into a life cycle consisting of six stages: 

  1. Analysis: the client receives the information necessary to understand the needs and expectations. The output of this step will be a software requirements specification. 
  2. Design is the stage during which the architecture of the program is created. With the help of architecture, the development of the system is implemented. 
  3. Development: writing components. 
  4. Testing: checking the created software to detect defects. The result should be the elimination of problems so that the product meets the requirements. 
  5. Deployment in a production environment. 
  6. System maintenance. 

During the analysis, the project manager studies goals and expectations of the client, takes into account limitations for further planning. They also select a model for the development of a technical solution. 

At the planning stage, the project manager outlines strategic and tactical tasks, sets deadlines, forms a team for the customer's project, expands it or replaces employees. An important task is to create a requirements management plan, which includes a schedule, a list of budget and milestones, etc.

During testing, the project manager coordinates the work of testers and developers to correct errors. The project manager during the deployment phase oversees the entire release process, ensuring that the project and specifications are reported. Post-release maintenance is focused on normal operation, with this aim the project manager can conduct technical audits to improve the operation of the product. 

Software Development Hub provides services for writing mobile applications, web products and software for various fields. Competent implementation of client's ideas is possible due to expertise of technical specialists, whose work is coordinated by an experienced project manager. 


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