What is Role of Business Analyst in IT company

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Anna Salnichenko Project Manager
What is Role of Business Analyst in IT company

When creating software, it might be tempting to blindly copy the concept and functionality of a rival to introduce the finished product to the market as soon as possible. Unwillingness to delve into details and superficial assessment of the project and its strong and weak points become the reason for failure. Below we will tell you why your development project needs business analysts and their roles at work.

A business analyst’s contribution to the project

What is the essence of business analysis? Its main task is to provide strategic planning, that will enable to meet all the business needs of a customer, rather than just creating a product with the functions listed by the customer. With this aim the business analyst communicates with the customer, studying problems of the potential audience, specifics of the company, and competitors.

A business analyst is especially important in IT: competent execution of tasks by a professional allows to create a product that will be precisely focused on the client’s needs. Requirements are collected based on uncategorized product data, which includes program description, its functions, subcategories of users, ideas concerning design, samples of competitors’ products.

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Opening is a process of preparation to the project development, during which the business analyst sequentially performs the operations according to the template:

  • A business model canvas is a visual template that helps organize business model elements;
  • A value stream. During the task, the amount of work inside and outside the system is determined, which allows to estimate roles and elements of the application, stages of development;
  • Analysis of competitors;
  • A business target model is needed to identify problems at different levels, and to find solutions;
  • A feature map outlines work for a positive user experience;
  • A product development backlog is a list of priority products that the team needs to complete;
  • A product visualization board is a result of the completed tasks, described above. It helps to describe a product, its users, problems, solutions, business goals of a project.

Business analyst actions during the development stage

Before the team start development, a business analyst specifies requirements with the client and the developers again, after that s/he approves the voiced requirements to the project. The responsibilities of the specialist also include monitoring designers’ performance. The tasks of a business analyst are outlined by the following:

  • Demo session is provision results of work to developers, making notes and updating the product  based on them;
  • Specification is a document that describes the status  of a program. Specification enables to simplify the process of transferring the project to clients, suppliers, etc.;
  • Product release is obtaining of updated specification by a customer, holding a demo session.

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Compliance with business needs: how a business analyst helps perform a task

The extent to which the program meets the needs largely determines the success of a project. Compliance of a program with business needs is expressed in the description of the functionality of a product, for which the business analyst identifies requirements, in other words, s/he decodes the client’s description of the vision of the future product.

A business analyst is vitally needed for the success of a project. This fact has been proved by the experience of cooperation with the company Software Development Hub, which develops web technologies, software, and mobile applications for a wide range of directions. Our professional will help minimize alterations that developers might have to make in order to receive the needed product. SDH`s team is a reliable partner in enterprise software development services, internet of things software development.


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