TOP 5 AR/VR Startups in the Field of Education

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TOP 5 AR/VR Startups in the Field of Education

In recent years, AR/VR technologies have been actively used in the development of applications and programs. However, the scope of innovation is not only limited to games. The use of AR/VR for educational platforms and courses is promising. The fact is that learning just from a book reduces the level of information aquisition, but this indicator increases significantly if  the study material is reinforced by specific, practical examples. In addition to the excellent application component, AR/VR technologies are incredibly exciting in the learning process, make it dynamic, and help maintain focus. Below we will look at 5 successful examples of educational startups using AR/VR.

Immersive VR Education

Based on the learning management platform (LMS), a VR application Lecture that replicates a virtual audience in virtual reality was created. One of the pleasant bonuses are added special effects that are not available in the physical class. The lecture material is illustrated with colorful images and videos.
To enhance the student's lecture experience, the teacher can transform the classroom into a space shuttle. In addition to being informative, such an application is also valuable because it allows you to join a class from anywhere in the world.


Unimersiv is a learning platform that generates a huge amount of content every month. The advantage of this solution is that the content is personalized in accordance with the user’s requests, which means it has practical value and captivates from the first seconds of viewing. Currently, three educational projects are presented on the basis of the application: “Anatomy VR”, and “Exploration of the International Space Station”, and a program for studying Stonehenge.

Creating content in this vein clearly demonstrates the prospects of AR/VR technologies in the educational field, as well as  almost unlimited snumber of themes where new tools can be used.


Among successful educational startups is WoofbertVR, which specifies in art and culture. Initially, the platform was developed to help students take a different look at objects of art, cultural trends, and phenomena.

How does it work? WoofbertVR is a kind of a travel guide, a guide to museums and galleries that takes you or students on an individual or  a group tour. Route options, information on any paintings of interest, audio tracks about various exhibits in the museum are available for the users. Now the property of intangible heritage is much closer: there is no need to cross borders and visit other countries and cities to enjoy works of art.

Schell Games

Schell Games is known for a large number of successful projects in the US gaming industry. Developers specialize in transformational games, that is, special educational programs that help a person to develop their intellectual potential. For example, Schell Games created a game Water Bears VR - a puzzle game for developing spatial orientation and systems thinking.

Why is Schell Games' work so valuable? The reason is that attracting children to studies, getting them interested in the subject, and keeping them interested is not so easy. Schell Games, using a hands-on approach, has come up with educational VR games that captivate you from the start and expand your mind.


ThingLink is a successful case of using AR/VR in education. The application is designed to work with panoramic images in the classroom. Teachers and students can annotate panoramic images with interactive tags and links to videos, apps, and other tools. Such functions can be compared to the ability, for example, to click on all sorts of landmarks in Paris and turn them around 360° to view them.

Learning through the use and involvement of different types of information - text, video, images - increases the level of learning and reduces the level of immersion, which can be distracting when using AR/VR.

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