How to Motivate Employees

Oct 24, 2022 0 min read 1395
Natalia Barashkova HR manager
How to Motivate Employees

One of the key tasks of a HR manager is to find proper applicants for positions. It should be noted, that not only hard skills are to be taken into consideration, but also soft skills, that is, personal qualities that help a person adapt to new conditions, solve tasks and eliminate conflicts.

However, it is important to understand that organic integration into a new team also requires some effort on the part of the employee, so the task of the HR manager is to use appropriate motivation so that the newcomer can become a part of the team. For this purpose, we apply motivation according to the DISC typology. 

DISC (Dominance, Influence, Stability, Compliance)


  • An individual is motivated by achievements, breakthroughs, results, new goals, growth, and professional development.


  • An applicant is a friendly person;
  • status, reward, recognition from society, and public approval which can motivate are important for him(her).


  • Work for the company meets the expectations of an employee: he (she) receives material remuneration, bonuses, and has a legal day off for rest and recovery.




  • In order to integrate the applicant into the team, the manager uses methods of encouragement, request for help. 
  • The social contribution of the employee him(her)self; the support and encouragement of the team will allow them to become part of the community.

DICK - 01

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Identifying and distinguishing the company's values: a guide for the HR manager 

Currently, in remote conditions, I have developed a clear scheme for myself for working with employees, which allows us to feel united and overcome challenges. 
Step 1. Materialize 

  • explain the principles of the company from the very beginning;
  • make them a part of the initiation and adaptation of newcomers; 
  • integrate them into our daily communication; 
  • send out news about how the community lives: member reviews, warm letters, greetings;
  • create clear presentations for team members; 
  • find dedicated participants;
  • perform all steps regularly. 

Step 2. Teach and learn 

  • ask for feedback from employees; 
  • broadcast your research within the team; 
  • write announcements about new initiatives; 
  • solve problems on time; 
  • inform about good events in the form of videos, webinars, charts.

Step 3. Support 

  • single out colleagues in social networks;
  • create personalized gifts; 
  • help employees achieve their dreams by learning more about them. 

Our team is still in the process of adapting to new realities and understanding the transforming values. Despite everything, we learn to gain experience and support each other by establishing communication and value connections as much as it is possible.

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