Enterprise Cyber Security: Best Practices

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Enterprise Cyber Security: Best Practices

Undoubtedly, the development of modern technologies brings many benefits, not only making the lives of millions of people easier, but also simplifying work processes for companies around the world. By digitizing your business, you get cost reduction, a convenient data storage model, process automation and much more.

However, along with the conveniences brought to us by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other modern technologies, new types of threats also appeared. In the last ten years, the percentage of cyberattacks on businesses has increased by almost 70%. That's why the issue of cybersecurity is as relevant as never before.

What is enterprise cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a specific set of rules and technologies that will work to protect your business from any threats, which can include hacker attacks, viruses, or security breaches due to malfunctions within the corporate system.

You should pay attention to security not only if you are a large enterprise that has a lot of precious data, but also if you are the owner of a small startup. It is crucial to keep company and customer data as protected as possible in order to avoid troubles and succeed in your company's development.

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Best practices for enterprise cybersecurity

Conduct an inventory of all of your company's belongings

Before you start working on improving your company's cybersecurity, it's a good idea to perform an inventory of equipment, resources, systems, and so forth. By compiling detailed reports, you'll be able to include all of these points in your security system.

Identify the most vulnerable areas in your security system

This point is slightly related to the previous one, but is no less important. After taking inventory and understanding the overall picture of what is going on in your company, you should examine each aspect in detail and understand what the problem areas or flaws you have. Hackers can use all of them to gain unauthorized access to your firm's assets. Therefore, it's worth considering all of this when designing your cybersecurity system.

Train your staff

Implementing special programs in your organization to protect your money and data is certainly a good thing. In addition to this, you should not forget about educating your staff about cybersecurity. The best thing to do is to give lectures and inform them that they should not disclose their personal data to unverified sites. Provide a thorough explanation of what phishing is and how not to fall victim to it. In this way, you will reduce the risk of having employees unknowingly disclose valuable data to third parties, who in their turn can use it to their favor.

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Implement early detection systems 

Every serious threat doesn't appear from nothing. It is always possible to notice small suspicious actions that can lead to significant consequences. That's why it's important to implement systems that can detect and prevent such incidents thanks to special algorithms. Also, it is always better when administrators are alerted about a potential problem, as this will give them enough time to react.

Manage access levels

Another cybersecurity practice that is especially relevant for large corporations is to divide access levels between employees. That is, only a few people will have full access to all databases, archives, and all that staff. All other departments and employees will only have access to what is needed solely for their work. With this distribution, you can minimize potential data leakages from inside the company.

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Develop an emergency plan

In the case of a critical situation, it's vital to know how to properly act. In order to avoid panic and unnecessary fuss, it is better to develop a few universal plans or protocols that employees should follow. Describe the important points in detail and assign to each person certain responsibilities that he or she will be able to fulfill when you announce that there is a serious problem that requires them to act without any delays.

Use data encryption

A great method of additional data protection is, of course, encryption. It provides access to company's data only for authorized users. Anyone else who wants to see the information will not be able to do so as it will be completely impossible to understand. Use of encryption will give you confidence that the databases are safe. Moreover, your customers will be aware about your company’s complete reliability, and this, of course, will have a positive impact on the success of your business.

Regularly test and report on your systems

Once you have implemented cybersecurity systems in operation of your company, you should not forget to check and report on them regularly. By doing so, you'll know that everything is working properly, and you'll also have accurate statistics about it.

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Perform enterprise cyber risk management 

With the data collected by your cyber security system in hand, you can analyze any issues and potential risks to your enterprise. This gives you the opportunity to improve your cybersecurity and identify new types of threats to look out for.

Monitor the enterprise security of your partners and suppliers

If you are a company that has business partners or vendors that in some way have access to some of your organization's data, then you definitely should not miss out on this. Make sure that you don't risk your assets through them, because attackers can use them to get into your systems.

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