5 Growth-Oriented Startup Incubators in Portugal

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Yana Trofimova Business Development Manager
5 Growth-Oriented Startup Incubators in Portugal

There are many opportunities in today's world, especially for creative and ambitious people. A lot of them want to be successful and to benefit those around them, which is why they are looking for a place under the sun. One of the most promising locations at the moment is Portugal.

Portugal is a great country for the development of almost any kind of startup. A high standard of living and a favorable economic environment attracts people from all over the world to start their business here. In addition, the competition level in this country is not so high.

Of course, building a company from scratch is very difficult, because you should at least have a clear idea and startup capital, which many people do not have. But, don't despair, as there are companies, so-called incubators or accelerators, that help startups with development. They offer you mentorship, an environment to work in and of course they are ready to invest in you! The most important things you should have are the desire to start your own business and dream to make the world a better place.

Below we present to you the top 5 Growth-Oriented Startup Incubators in Portugal that can help you with turning your idea into reality.


Website: Indico

This company is ready to invest in your business from 100 thousand to 10 million dollars. It all depends on your idea, its grandiosity and attractiveness for investment. The main focus of Indico is, of course, innovative companies in the IT sector, in such areas as SaaS, Iot, cybersecurity and others. But in addition to the technology focus, the incubator can also invest in startups related to fighting against climate changes or in initiatives aimed to help the ocean. 

The company is willing to provide its office, organize meetings and trainings. All this is to help startups develop faster. So, if your idea fits the description above, feel free to apply.

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Startup Leiria

Website: Startup Leiria

This incubator is ready to provide its assistance to startups and growing companies in many fields such as:

  • marketing,
  • web development,
  • bioengineering,
  • economics,
  • nanotechnology and much more.

If you already have an idea and want to develop in one of these directions - you will definitely get the necessary funding and support. This incubator also encourages fair competition in the market as well as cooperation with multiple companies and educational institutions. It's all to help newbie entrepreneurs and to bring prosperity to the community. 

But, even if you don't have an idea yet, you can benefit from working with Startup Leiria. This company can offer you entrepreneurial courses, help with idea development, team building, mentoring and co-working.

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Startup Madeira

Website: Startup Madeira

Working with this incubator is a great opportunity to launch your startup, or make your existing business much better. The company is ready to offer you funding, space in a physical or virtual office, constant mentorship and communication with like-minded people. 
Also, Startup Madeira can offer you a plan to accelerate your growth and find ways to make your business better in a short period of time. In addition, this incubator currently supports entrepreneurs not only from Portugal, but also from all over the world. So, if you want to start an innovative business in areas such as IT, economy, tourism and more, feel free to ask them for help.


Website: Tagusvalley

It is a great portuguese incubator that can help aspiring entrepreneurs with the following challenges:

  • testing an idea for profitability,
  • financing,
  • finding partners and investors,
  • coworking space,
  • training of all kinds to help with running a business.

The company focuses on helping startups in such areas as economics, biotechnology, the Internet of Things, energetics, etc.
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Startup Sintra

Website: Startup Sintra

If you are looking not only for financial support for your startup project, but also want to learn how to manage it and make a product that will be in demand on the market, this organization is the right one for you. The main focus of this incubator is on developing the key skills of a successful businessman. In addition, Startup Sintra can help you form a plan for your project, test it, and find useful connections as well as investors. All this happens within a short period of time, so that the vision of a successful business becomes a reality soon.

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