12 Best Websites to Hire Developers for Your Startup in 2024

May 01, 2023 5 min read 885
Daria Sizova Business Development Manager
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12 Best Websites to Hire Developers for Your Startup in 2024

An original idea is far not enough for creating a useful, viable mobile application. Even if your idea is fundamentally different from the projects of competitors and has significant advantages, there are often obstacles to its implementation. Firstly, competent performers are needed, because the author is unlikely to be able to realize the idea on his own. Of course, having technical skills and some experience in writing programs suggests that at least minimal theoretical chances do exist. But most frequently, you have to involve third-party specialists. Below some information on where to find a responsible performer for the development of a mobile application.

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Websites to Hire Great Developers

Here we are viewing  both specific sites with posted developer resumes and categories of placements.

  1. Agencies providing outsourcing services. Here you can find specialists, skipping the actual hiring stage. The main task  is to delegate the development  to experienced professionals with good expertise in a particular area.
  2. The Toptal platform is a place where freelancers, customers and employers meet. The site has strict recruitment principles and a thorough check of each candidate. Acting here as a customer, you can rely on finding truly the best specialists.
  3. Hired is a company that was founded in 2012 to help recruiters and companies find candidates. The site is represented in 14 major cities and is considered to be the leading IT platform.
  4. Upwork is a freelance exchange with over 12 million registered users. Here you will find a programming specialist or content creator. For this, a sorting algorithm has been introduced. Customers note the ease of use of the exchange as one of the advantages.
  5. If you are looking for an employee to perform work at the exclusive level, evaluate the possibilities of the Gigster platform. A premium recruiting site that allows you to find flexible recruiters. The search is conducted taking into account the requirements of the project, the assessment of the candidate's talents, and the skills that your team needs.
  6. Among the reputable places to find developers is Gun.io. The company was founded in 2011, today it unites more than 25,000 community members. The platform brought together big-name companies in the field of development and introduced flexible recruitment options for the job seeker. This site is known for its high level of customer support and loyalty to users, money-back guarantee in case of failure.
  7. Guru is a site where you can find a good freelancer without the risk of falling into the hands of a scammer. According to the reviews of customers who managed to use the services of the site, the benefits and effectiveness of the Guru are estimated at 99%. Among the advantages are round-the-clock customer support, access to the portfolio of candidates, etc.The 12 Best Websites to Hire Developers for Your Startup - 01
  8. Freelancer is another place where you can enlist the support of a trusted freelance developer. The level of competence is evidenced by the fact that the platform cooperates with such brands as Microsoft, Boeing, etc. The work is based on a unique bidding principle by which you can make a hire in just a few seconds.
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  9. X-Team finds employers and responsible developers around the world. To search for a specialist, the user contacts the platform manager and considers various hiring options that differ in terms of employment, billing methods, etc.
  10. LinkedIn is the largest platform for finding jobs among professionals, and at the same time, an effective job board where you can find "your" developer. There are more than 590 million registered members, and active users - more than 250 million, representing 200 countries.
  11. We Work Remotely is a fairly specific, niche option where you can find a remote freelancer.
  12. Software Development Hub is a company of developers with experience who are engaged in disseminating technical knowledge to employers and looking for smart developers for them. A distinctive feature of the team is being in contact with the best Python and JavaScript programmers in the world.

The Software Development Hub provides development and engineering services to customers around the world. Our Python/Django team has experience in cooperation with large and medium-sized businesses in such areas as electronic accounting, healthcare, IoT, security systems, etc. Implementation of the idea, a flexible approach to pricing, and a comprehensive solution to the client's tasks are the reasons why they choose us.


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