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Healthcare software solutions we develop

More than 9M patient users and 2M healthcare professionals use medical software products developed by SDH's team. With experience in delivering healthcare projects nationwide, we offer comprehensive software development services and IT consulting best suited to help you grow in the competitive world of healthcare.

Electronic Medical/Health Records

Electronic medical records software keeps everything in one place: medical history, lab results, treatment plans, etc. Enable seamless integration with EHR apps so patients can access their records and track all major changes.

Medical Information Systems

We build medical information systems, patient portals, and appointment scheduling apps for delivering multiple patient-engagement tools. Our solutions empower patients to book appointments, check medications, ask for e-prescription refills, get e-consultations, and more.

HIS & Practice Management Software

Our engineers build feature-rich and powerful HMS/HIS and e-Health integrated solutions to streamline information exchange between doctors, patients, and other health practitioners. Boost decision-making by easily coordinating care among different physicians and healthcare facilities.

Telehealth Software

Take all advantage of store-and-forward, remote patient monitoring, and real-time telemedicine solutions. We build medical diagnostics, treatment, tracking, and preventive care app to provide cutting-edge solutions to business challenges in the healthcare industry.

PACS & DICOM Software

SDH is committed to providing its expertise in developing picture archiving and communication system (PACS) software for secure data access and storage for medical imaging modalities and digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) networks and protocols.

IoT Software

We develop software, web, and mobile solutions connected with wearable medical devices (blood pressure, ECG, heart rate and pulse, glucose monitoring, etc.) to track, manage, diagnose and monitor public health.

Healthcare Software Integration

Our team has a proven track record of integrating third-party technologies into medical products, such as cloud billing, lab data transfer, insurance databases, communication modules, charting and reporting, etc.

AI & Machine Learning

Our R&D team researches and implements sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help customers analyze complex health data, and predict disease likelihood and patient outcomes.

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Advantages of Custom Software Development

Software Development Hub leads the TOP 100 Healthcare App Developers by The Manifest and (Sep 2022).

Software Development Hub in Top 100 Healthcare App Developers September 2022


Software development that meets the occurred needs of the healthcare market and consumers. 

Our team's expertise covers these types of software and applications in the health care field:

Custom-tailored approach, direct access to devs and heads.

With 100+ motivated SDH engineers, you assure a flexible approach and direct communication. A dedicated team dives in-depth into your project, ensuring the high quality of the solution delivered and achieving your goals.

No freelancers or subcontractors, just a dedicated in-house team. 

Working on a time-and-materials model, you get the most accurate and fair estimate for the scope of work.

- Healthcare Web App (MVP) — $25,000-$90,000 

- Healthcare Mobile App (MVP) — $9,000-$25,000 

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Hire a dedicated team for the healthcare project

Software Development Hub creates digital health solutions that solve the client's business goals. Optimize workflows in unified interfaces, connecting with any disparate system to reduce the cost of maintaining complex interfaces.

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Full-cycle software development services

We solve the challenges of small and mid-sized businesses.

We provide customers with a full end-to-end custom development cycle including architecture planning, business analysis for customers, UI/UX design, QA, project management, and support.

1 Planning
2 Analysis
3 Design
4 Implementation
5 Integration
6 Maintenance
is fully covered.


Project scope and cost calculation.


SRS preparation and workflow setup.


Creation of UX/UI corresponding user needs.


Software development sticks to an agreed plan.


Software Testing and defects fixing stage.


Continuous delivery and project support.

Healthcare software development company

We are diligent in developing custom medical systems due to the healthcare-critical nature of this type of solution. In digital health, the cost of mistakes or long-term inefficiencies can be extremely high. We focus all of our experience, knowledge, and technical prowess on creating first-class systems that our customers can rely on for years to come.

Our technology stack

Software Development Hub uses robust backend and frontend technologies to set a fast server response and loading time for your solution. We also ensure that your custom medical software is compliance-friendly with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, HL7, CDA, CCD, QRDA, DICOM, NwHIN, and other regulatory standards for medical communication.


Python, Django


JavaScript, Typescript, React, Vue.js}


PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis


Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Flutter

Clients' success stories

Take a look at how we solve challenges to meet medical project requirements.

Digital Health

Medical Information System — Medstar™

for organized medical data storage and processing.

Digital Health

EHR Mobile App — Medcard24™

for direct management of the patient's profile. Top-rated apps — 4.8/5 ⭐️ 500K downloads at Google Play and 4.8/5 ⭐️ 8.9K ratings at App Store

Digital Health

Patient Web Portal — Medcard24™

for a convenient search of doctors and health facilities.

Digital Health

Medication Database — QRmed

for checking the authenticity of medicines in one click.

Digital Health

Medicine Registry Software

for information sourcing of all medications registered in Ukraine.

Digital Health

Diabetic Self-monitoring App — DiaHero™

for improving the management and treatment of diabetes.

Digital Health

Remote Patient Monitoring App

for remote medical diagnostics and health monitoring

Digital Health

SaaS for Radiologists — Radiolance™

professional platform for interaction with radiologists


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