SDH Mentorship Project Launches for Women Who Want to Master IT Profession

Apr 12, 2022 0 min read 1198
SDH Mentorship Project Launches for Women Who Want to Master IT Profession


SDH organizes mentoring in various technical areas to attract more women to the IT industry.

In this time of crisis for the whole country, this initiative contributes to the empowerment of women in Ukraine.

We strive to get more women in IT

Our SDH Mentorship project is aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes in IT professions, as well as increasing women's confidence in their abilities and powers.

The armed invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 forced almost the entire team who lived in the eastern regions to leave their homes and move west. Some of our developers are now in the armed forces. Having recovered from the stress and bombing, we feel more than ever the need to make an impact on the world.

We are IT workers who can work remotely anywhere as long as we have a laptop and the Internet. But most of our female compatriots are out of work.

We want to help women in Ukraine to get a new profession.

Statistics of women in IT 

Women working in technology remain a modern minority in the "male world" of software engineering. In 2021, according to the resource, there were about 250 thousand IT specialists in Ukraine. Among software engineers, 11% are women, and in the IT industry in Ukraine, women occupy 24% of jobs.

Viewing diversity as a key-value, SDH is close to achieving a 50/50 gender balance in 2022. Nowadays, 42% of SDH employees are women.

Directions for Mentorship

Our initiative is to mentor women beginning their careers in IT. We're ready mentoring in the following areas:

  • UX/UI design
  • business analysis
  • project management
  • backend and frontend development
  • testing
  • HTML/CSS layout
  • digital marketing.

We've noticed that mentoring is 87% faster for newcomers and promotes equal career opportunities.

How does this work?

Mentors motivate and encourage each other, toss in job options or new tasks, and share plans and goals. Our mentor can also help with application tasks. We have online meetings every two weeks on Thursday. The format is free — you may plan the agenda and make lists of questions or talk in a casual setting.

Seek mentorship from the SDH team and skill up!

To find a mentor, fill out an application online:


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