How to Develop an Internet of Things Application for Pet Care

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How to Develop an Internet of Things Application for Pet Care

These days, we can confidently say that the tendency to get pets is increasing. The main impetus for this, of course, was the period of quarantine, when most people were forced to stay at home. Exactly then, in order not to feel lonely and have more fun in life, a lot of people have decided to have a new member of the family. Undoubtedly, pets make our lives happier and we love them very much. That's why when it comes to taking care of animals or their comfort, we are ready to spend large sums of money. The IoT pet products market is ready to offer us many technological solutions that can make our lives much easier and shield us from unnecessary worries. But, on top of that, it is also a great field for establishing a business with a minimal number of competitors.

Types of IoT applications for pet care

The Internet of Things is ready to offer many options that will be useful for you and your pet. All of these products can be divided into two main categories: Wearable pet devices and Connected pet products.

The Wearable pet devices category can include any technological solutions that will be worn by your pet. The most popular examples are:

Products with GPS loggers

If you put such a device on your pet, you can track its real-time geolocation. This is very convenient if you are letting your animal take a walk or are afraid it may get lost. The application on your smartphone will allow you not only to track the location, but also the speed of your pet's movement. Plus, most programs are also able to provide the fastest route to a GPS point.

Devices that monitor the state of a pet

These types of solutions allow owners to control their pet's heart rate, body temperature, heartbeat and even the number of consumed calories. All this data is recorded and if the application detects a difference in one of the parameters, it immediately notifies you about it. It is extremely useful if you are worried about your animal's health and want to detect the slightest signs of illness at an early stage. 

Solutions that monitor activity level and reaction to external factors

With these products you are able to use a special application to see how many hours your pet sleeps or is active. This way it is possible to assess the impact of nutrition or additional vitamins. In addition, such programs can show how a pet reacts to training.

Connected pet products include devices that help people improve the quality of care for their pet. Here are a few examples:

Products that make hygiene easier

This category could include smart litters or sensors that notify the owner about where and when a pet has toileted. In addition to notifications, such devices can independently clean up everything unnecessary, as well as scent the room, in order to avoid unpleasant odors.

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Automatic feeders

If you're worried about leaving the house for a long time and not being able to feed your pet, then buying an automatic feeder would be a good solution. You can set up a schedule to feed your pet. The amount of food may also be adjusted as well.

Remote monitoring and interaction systems

If you want to know what your pet is doing while you're away, you'll have that option with cameras set up around the house. In addition, you can talk to your pet in a remote way or even entertain him with automated toys with the help of a special program.

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How to build a successful IoT solution for pet care?

Of course, if you want to develop a quality product, you have to take the matter seriously. It is important to understand that it is not enough just to develop an application or create a separate physical device. To be successful on the market, your project has to be holistic. So, it is worth paying enough attention to the following aspects:

The appearance and functionality of hardware

For example, if you create a smart feeder for an animal, you must decide on the materials of construction, and built-in systems (microprocessors, chips, etc.), which will reliably connect the device with other components of the project. It is worth developing several prototypes and choosing the most functional and attractive one.

User Friendly application

Creating an app is a very important part of developing a successful project. The design should be as pleasing to the eye as possible, and the placement of all elements on the screen should be intuitive. Make sure that after creating a personal account the user will have access not only to what is happening with the pet right now, but also to statistics and history (for example about the pet's activity data). 

Back-end infrastructure

Of course, an attractive design of the app is a good thing. But the server side, which is responsible for everything that happens "behind the scenes," is no less important. Make sure your data is always secure and that all requests are handled quickly.


In order to tie all the elements of your development into a single infrastructure you need to use APIs. They allow all the components to smoothly interact with each other through special protocols.

Data storage and analytics

Having enough space for storage and being able to expand it at any time is very important for growing businesses. Analytics will also help provide your company with data that can help to understand customers and improve services.

Consider Software Development Hub as you reliable partner

If you want to start developing IoT software for pet care, you should consider the Software Development Hub team of experts. We are ready to go with you through all stages of outsourcing software development to create the product you want to see! We already have experience in creating IoT solutions, which are used by 9 millions of people.

Our permanent team works for many years, so we always keep abreast of all new trends and try to constantly implement innovations in our service. Not so long ago we visited a popular event - Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin. There we got acquainted with the products from Invoxia, including their new startup Smart Dog Collar. Smart Dog Collar allows for the first time to have a complete and continuous view over your dog's health and well-being, so that you can detect meaningful changes over the long term.

With Smart Dog Collar, you will already be able to:

  • Identify a decrease of vitality or a change in behavior.
  • Spot early symptoms of severe heart diseases.
  • Monitor your dog's treatment effectiveness.

We have launched a dozen research projects to analyze these breakthrough data accessible for the first time. We will regularly launch new features around the detection of new markers of disease, ageing, stress and chronic pain. It will all be made available through a simple collar and app update!

Seeing such projects certainly inspires us for new ideas and gives a valuable experience. 

That is why, if you want to launch an innovative product, we will definitely help you. Creativity and non-standard approach - that's what sets us apart from other companies!


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