How to Get More Women in Tech

Nov 25, 2022 0 min read 853
Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
Daria Sizova Business Development Manager
How to Get More Women in Tech

Reaching complete parity in the working environment becomes more and more real in our world. Today we see women taking over leading roles in business. There is no more place left for such thing as sexism, for this vestige of the past. Unfortunately, women remain a minority in the world of tech. Treating diversity and equality as a key-value, we aim to get more women involved in IT.

Challenges for women in tech

Nowadays, the world has developed and started changing the rules of the unfair past where women were discouraged from pursuing careers. We witness the process of positive transformation. Women have their own choice now: whom to be in the future. All face the same challenges, get the same perks and salaries. You are equal in your way to your success.
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Of course, there is still a place for improvement. The problem of inequality remains. But we all struggle to resolve those issues, build fair conditions for both men and women. Key business players, medium and small-sized businesses, try their best to make men's predominance a less common day-to-day scenario.

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SDH provides career opportunities regardless of gender. Women occupy different positions, including the leading ones. For this reason, during Web Summit, our Head Marketing Director, Alla Kovshova, and Head Project Manager, Marina Fomenko, attended the "How to get more women in C-suite roles in tech" event arranged by Scaleway, 50inTech, and Women4Cyber Portugal. There they’ve met like-minded people, talked about today’s challenges and learned more about the ways of helping females grow in their careers. 

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Women in SDH: figure & facts

SDH is close to achieving a 50/50 gender balance this year. Now we have 41% of women and 59% of men in the staffing levels. Every year we hire more and more females – who can be either young students or experienced specialists. We want the working field to be equal. We want our company to be a part of this transformation, where women are no longer discriminated.  Women are holding 50% of C-level roles in SDH.

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How to Get More Women in Tech - Software Development Hub, Lisboa, 2022

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