Trucking Dispatch Software: Must-Have Features for Better Logistics

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Trucking Dispatch Software: Must-Have Features for Better Logistics

Every company, as well as almost every person, has encountered logistics. This sphere includes everything that relates to the delivery of goods and materials, the transportation of any cargo, and much more. In general, a lot of things in the modern world depend on its proper organization and efficiency. 

According to statistics, it is expected that the transportation industry will reach 15.94 trillion by 2032, which is about twice as much as at the moment. These figures are really impressive, but it is worth saying that trucking dispatch software solutions play a big role in such a great market development.

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So, as of today, dispatching software for trucking companies ensures the efficiency of supply chains and improves the logistics industry as a whole, raising it to a completely new level.

Truck dispatching software: what is it in short

Dispatch trucking software is essentially a platform that can greatly simplify the management of cargo transportation by automating most of the processes, such as finding the most optimal transport for delivery, generating reports, changing delivery statuses, and much more. Additionally, a huge advantage of such a system is the fact that thanks to the automation of workflows companies eliminate errors caused by the human factor and thus avoid overlaps and financial losses.

Key features of truck dispatching software

The set of features for truck dispatching software varies depending on the needs of the company. But, in most cases, each of such systems includes the following functions that allow to manage all processes successfully:

Resource allocation

In order to run a business smoothly truck service providers need to be able to allocate all the resources in a proper way. Trucking software can help monitor all available drivers, vehicles, and their specifications in real time, as well as calculate approximate dates of cargo delivery. In this way, the program assists in putting things in operation quickly and avoids possible overlaps.

Route optimization

This category includes all the features that contribute to optimizing the route so that the customer receives the goods on time, providers minimize costs and the driver drives in comfortable road conditions. Trucking dispatch platforms can provide speedy responses to all the difficulties that happen on the road and optimize the route by offering the most favorable option.


This feature can allow providers and customers waiting for the goods to monitor in real time the position of the truck and in some cases even the conditions under which the cargo is delivered. It needs to use an Internet of Things solution such as GPS trackers and sensors.

Communication and notifications

Effective collaboration between dispatchers and drivers is critical to the transportation process. The capabilities of the platforms we're talking about today can provide always-on communication so that if there are any changes, everyone is aware of them. Also, as soon as the delivery status changes (e.g., unloading or loading), dispatchers can be notified about it automatically. This eliminates the need for the driver to be distracted from work by contacting dispatchers and reporting on the progress of the process.


Among the capabilities of logistics process management platforms, a must-have feature is the ability to automatically create documents such as bills of lading, invoices, contracts, and so forth. That is, the program identifies the entered order data and generates all the necessary documents. It not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of errors due to incorrectly entered data.


Integrations provide an efficient data exchange process with other systems (such as accounting systems or warehouse management programs) that are necessary for the effective transportation of goods. 

Vehicle condition monitoring

To optimize work processes as much as possible, the platforms provide real-time information on the exact condition of the vehicles, such as fuel levels and their consumption, mileage, next mandatory inspections, system errors, and so on. This way providers can react to breakdowns in a timely manner, keep vehicles in good condition, and avoid putting into work those that may break down on the road or that may not have enough fuel to reach the required point. 

Analytics and reporting

Logistics process management systems collect and analyze all data about workflows. This is very beneficial because based on it trucking service providers can evaluate current business strategy and determine in what direction to develop their business.

Mobile application

Having a mobile version of the platform is extremely important for drivers. Thus, they can enter the program at any time and see all the information about cargo transportation, so that they do not have to contact the dispatcher for this purpose.

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