SDH at Digital Health Conference 2023 in Berlin

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Alla Kovshova Marketing Director
SDH at Digital Health Conference 2023 in Berlin


[Berlin, 30-11-2023] — SDH is thrilled to share highlights from its participation in the Digital Health Conference 2023 organized by Bitkom, held on 30 November at the historic Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte. The conference brought together key stakeholders, thought leaders, and experts in the digital health domain to explore the future of healthcare and the practical implementation of the Federal Ministry of Health's digitalization strategy.

Main topics

The event provided an invaluable platform for SDH to engage in discussions surrounding the successful navigation of the new era in healthcare. Attendees delved into digital health, focusing on the practical aspects of its implementation. The conference also tackled critical issues such as enhancing care delivery in hospitals, nursing homes, and surgeries to meet the evolving needs of patients.

One of the focal points of SDH's participation was the exploration of the significant potential of data and future technologies in medicine. The discussions delved into how advancements in these areas can reshape the landscape of healthcare and contribute to more effective and personalized patient care. The responsibility of the healthcare sector in terms of social governance was also emphasized, highlighting the importance of ethical considerations in the era of digital health.

"Our participation in the Digital Health Conference 2023 was truly enlightening. It provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving digital health landscape and the strategies being adopted at the national level," said Vasyl Kuchma, CEO at SDH IT. "We are excited about the possibilities that data, technology, and innovation bring to the healthcare sector, and we are committed to playing a proactive role in shaping the future of healthcare."

The Digital Health Conference 2023 facilitated networking opportunities, allowing SDH to connect with industry peers, experts, and potential collaborators. 

As SDH reflects on the Digital Health Conference 2023, the organization looks forward to contributing actively to the ongoing dialogue on digital health and leveraging its expertise to drive positive change in the industry.


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