How to Find and Hire Best Applications Developers?

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Alyona Goncharova General HR Manager
How to Find and Hire Best Applications Developers?

To define a successful, working idea is not an easy task. However, to find applications developers who would realize the idea in its optimal form, in accordance with the needs of the audience and the opportunities for monetization and profit, is even more difficult. Thus, research from Evans Data Corporation shows that more than 23 million people are involved in the IT sector worldwide. Obviously, not all contractors can boast of perfect cases and positive customer reviews. Below you will find how not to make a mistake when choosing a developer of a mobile or web application.

Identify needs of your business

Before looking for a developer, answer a few questions for yourself: 

1. What business task do you face? 

There are three options for hiring a developer for the application. In the first case, it is required to expand the team with a large number of specialists - full-time, freelancers or outstaff (renting an employee from another company for a certain period). To implement new technology, you can train your own employees, hire other third-party or outstaffing specialists. Creation of a startup or enterprise from scratch is realized through outsourcing.

2. Outsourcing or in-house team? 

Hiring employees has a number of advantages: understanding the product features, deep immersion in processes, quick response to requests. Among the disadvantages are the need to pay full wages, equipping jobs, geo-referencing, no guarantee of high speed, management and overhead costs. At the same time, outsourcing has become almost a business routine today:

  • it allows you to quickly find ready-made teams of successful software engineers;
  • promptly change employees or expand the team; 
  • you only pay for working hours and have the right to demand arguments in favor of experience and quality of work.

The nuance of outsourcing lies in the difficulties of communication, which is associated with different time zones in which employees live, etc. For example, if an offshoring development team is from Ukraine, the difference with the head office of a customer from Washington is 7 hours.

3. Which is better: hiring a freelancer or working with a company?

Managing freelancers is not easy and risky, and that's a fact. There is also a high probability that the contractor will not meet the deadlines, and due to the absence of a manager or technical director, the processes will not go according to plan. Whereas agencies provide a full range of services and work according to a certain methodology. But the most important thing is that trusted companies communicate effectively within the team, fixing the problems encountered and ways to solve them, so the backend of such a performer includes solving complexity.

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Start looking for a potential IT service providers

How to hire app developers properly?

  • Define your geographic region for your search. A high concentration of IT developers is in North America, the UK and Germany in Europe, and India. Eastern European countries and India offer lower rates with a fairly high level of qualification of employees; 
  • Do your research. App developers are searched for in B2B directories, freelance sites, GitHub, tech blogs, and design communities. 

Make a list of candidates and analyze them 

Let's say you have identified a number of potential candidates for developing an application. What's next? 

  • Make a list of companies/freelancers that you could entrust the work to;
  • Outline a list of questions for applicants. When choosing questions, rely on your business goals and the tasks that you plan to solve with the help of the product; 
  • Learn what clients say about performers; 
  • Find out which market segments developers are targeting; 
  • Make sure you have the experience to solve similar problems and work in your field;
  • Familiarize yourself with the technologies used by the performer; 
  • Get a preliminary estimate of the cost and speed of development; 
  • Work out the issue of intellectual property. 

Hire best of the best applications developer

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How to Hire App Developers


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