5 Best Ideation Tools for Startups

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Victoria Bondarenko Marketing Assistant
5 Best Ideation Tools for Startups

A viable idea is the backbone of almost any business. But monitoring and implementing creative ideas is not so easy if the owner does not have powerful tools at hand to manage ideas, which is especially important in a highly competitive business environment.

Collection, management, storage of ideas is efficient when using special software. Applying certain programs, managers can select the most relevant concepts, initiate discussions, prioritize them, etc. Thus, the owner gets access to ample opportunities for the study and development of ideas. Another question is what tools for ideas management on the market are relevant in your field? Below the main tools for startups, their functions and features are highlighted. 


Five best tools for creating startup ideas - 1

Source: squadhelp.com

What are the tools for generating ideas? SquadHelp is created for the ideal naming, no matter if it is a startup, or an app, a service, or a book, or any other type of products. The program is designed to attract experts able to help you choose a capacious and memorable name.

Today SquadHelp remains one of the largest naming platforms, where the level of service quality has been consistently high for several years. A nice bonus is the opportunity to get inspiration from the library with slogans. 

When creating the program, the developers focused on a professional approach and the complexity and variability of work. You can order services of a certain direction or use the full package of services from the agency. 


Five best tools for creating startup ideas - 2

Source: mindmeister.com

The complexity of work with the concept is frequently revealed in the next stage, immediately after the idea has been come up with. The owner does not always know what to do with the idea, how to manage it, etc. MindMeister is especially created for the step-by-step work with the concept: the capabilities of the program allow dividing it into subtopics, tracking the development the concept by other team members.

MindMeister was first presented in 2007 among other pioneering instruments for creating mental maps. Some of its options include monitoring ideas, map making, quick change and reorganization of thoughts, project planning with its final presentation. Integration with MeisterTask makes it possible to split the ideas into tasks and evaluate their performance. One of the advantages of the instrument is possibility to test the version for free and later to upgrade it.


Five best tools for creating startup ideas - 3

Source: viima.com

Viima enables to collect ideas and manage them using the web-innovation platform as the base. Various tools for selecting priorities, working with them for further progress, tracking and analyzing the process are selected here.

Viima saves your time and energy that you could direct to other projects and concepts, which makes the development of the current idea more predictable and more controllable. Since the program was first presented at the market in 2013, it has been used by more than 10000 companies already.

The user can choose three service packages, including a free basic one. It is possible to work with Viima both in a web browser, and in a mobile application.


Five best tools for creating startup ideas - 4

Source: sessionlab.com

SessionLab is another powerful instrument for generating ideas concerning current businesses and creating new ones. The library contains the collection of best creative ideas for knowledge management and working concepts extraction. The structure is aimed at enabling team members to identify advantages of ideas and to apply them efficiently in development process. 

One more capability of SessionLab is splitting content and tasks into small components, basis for creating prototypes and project plans.. Team projects and workshops are easy to organize on the basis of the tool.

The tool was introduced to the market in 2013. Within one tool, several plans are offered for different user tasks. The basic version is free, paid packages have more features. 


Five best tools for creating startup ideas - 5

Source: bubbl.us

Bubbl.us is a tool that helps create mind maps and visualize, structure the process, organize the system of ideas and concepts easily. Due to its simplicity, the program is widely used in various spheres for making notes, brainstorming, presentations of concepts, and other forms of activity.

The user interface is fully synchronized with the functionality, which makes it easy to use the application and showcase your own ideas. 
With the help of the tool, you can share your mind maps on social networks, which makes the process of responding to changes and team collaboration even more efficient. What are the features of the service? 

  • Concentration of user attention and editing without distraction; 
  • Browser-based platform, without the need to download other programs; 
  • Ability to save files in different formats - PNG, JPG or text format; 
  • Quick switch to full-screen presentation mode at the touch of a button;
  • Possibility of teamwork and management of results on the platform. 


Concepts can be drawn everywhere, but further work with the concept is often hard or has some obstacles. Software tools for Idea generation solve this problem, making it easier to start development. Thanks to the software, the team sees the prospects of working on the ideas, saves energy, time and enthusiasm so as not to stop halfway and transform the idea into a cost-effective product.

If you want to implement your idea effectively, you can outsource your startup software development services to a team of SDH experts who can help your startup with architecture planning, business analysis, UI/UX design, QA, project management, marketing and support.


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