10 AI Frameworks and Libs: Progressive Tools to Make Your Software Smarter

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10 AI Frameworks and Libs: Progressive Tools to Make Your Software Smarter

Modern solutions built on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring a lot of benefits for both business and everyday life. 

That is why AI is penetrating almost all spheres and is expected to reach a market value of about $407 billion by 2027. In order for you to realize the speed of development of this technology it is worth mentioning that in 2022 the value of this market was only about $87 billion

Top AI libraries and frameworks

For efficient and fast work on AI-based projects, there are many tools such as frameworks and libraries. They are designed to make the life of developers much easier. Below we will consider the most popular and best of them. 


This library was launched by Google and is open-source. It is well suited for dealing with machine learning models, including deep learning. Among the main advantages, we can note that it is a flexible enough tool that allows developers to work from various kinds of devices and on different processors (CPU and GPU).

Caffe framework

The above-mentioned framework has a narrower specialization than the previous one. Its main focus is working with images and visualization. In this case, it is quite efficient and allows you to quickly process the necessary data. The benefits of using this framework are an active community, the existence of which is caused by open source, and a simple interface, which will be clear even for beginners.

IBM Watson

Next on our list is IBM Watson. Despite the fact that it can't really be called a library or framework, but rather a platform for working on AI-based solutions, it definitely deserves a place at the top of AI frameworks. It's practically a tool with limitless possibilities that can handle complex mathematical calculations when developing AI models. Also, if needed, the platform allows you to easily integrate with other libraries.

Swift AI

It is a great resource for working with neural networks and deep machine learning. A wide set of features will pleasantly surprise any developer. But, it is worth mentioning that it is still possible to work with this library only on Apple devices. However, perhaps in the near future users of other hardware will also be able to use Swift AI.


One of the best AI libs for working with various neural network models is PyBrain. The toolbar and features allow developers to fully concentrate on the project and not think about using any other libraries. This option is perfect for experienced developers, as well as for students and researchers, because it is quite easy to work with.

Azure Machine Learning Studio

AML Studio is a platform for developing and deploying machine learning models. It seamlessly integrates with the entire Microsoft ecosystem. A large library of algorithms and automatic scaling when working on complex models are some of the main advantages.


Torch is deservedly on the list of the best libraries for working with AI and ML. The distinctive feature of this set of libraries (the most popular among which are Torch7 and PyTorch) is their modular structure. That is, at different stages of work you deal with certain modules. If you need to handle complex models, you can load additional modules.


A lot of developers like to use this framework due to the number of algorithms for classification, clustering, regression, and so forth. In addition, the capabilities of this framework allow you to work efficiently with both supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms.


CNTK is one of Microsoft's fast and versatile frameworks. Its capabilities allow you to deal with large amounts of data, which makes it attractive for most developers. Moreover, the CNTK can be used to work with the recognition of speech, text, and images.


Based on the title, you've probably figured out that the main focus of this library is deep learning. Its capabilities make the process of working with this library clear and simple despite the fact that you can realize the most complex projects with its help. DeepLearning4j works great on different devices and also integrates easily with Java.

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