10 Reasons Why Python is Good for AI and ML

Dec 20, 2023 5 min read 351
Richard Bilous Python Dev
10 Reasons Why Python is Good for AI and ML

The advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for modern business are enormous. These technologies allow analyzing large amounts of data, automating processes, making decisions, and much more. That's why, right now, developing products with AI and ML is very relevant. Below, we'll have a look at why Python is the best fit for such purposes.

Python for AI and ML: 10 reasons WHY

According to a Stack Overflow Developer Survey in 2023, Python is among the most widely used software programming languages worldwide.
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Simplicity and versatility

Programming language which we are talking about is currently considered one of the easiest to learn, as it offers clear syntax and simple elements to work with. But, at the same time, with Python you are able to perform development of any complexity, because the toolbar and possibilities are quite versatile and comprehensive. Therefore, working with AI and ML is easy, although you can develop quite complex solutions.

Great variety of libraries and frameworks 

Python is one of the languages that offers the largest number of libraries and frameworks for working with AI and ML. By searching well it is possible to find those that will give you all the tools you need to analyze and create models effectively. Besides, with the help of frameworks and libraries, developers don't have to work on writing full code by themselves because they can take some ready-made code elements from the repository.

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When dealing with Python, developers always have a variety of options to choose from for convenience and good flexibility. Among the main ones is that they can pick between OOPs and scripting. In addition, the programming language allows them to make changes to the finished code and combine multiple styles if needed.

Best visualization possibilities 

As we mentioned above, Python offers developers an incredible number of libraries. Most of them include unique tools that can help to create high-quality, stylish and easy-to-understand visualizations.

Big community

Since Python is an open-source universal language, it attracts many experts of different levels. Together they form a community where they communicate, share experiences, discuss development problems and solutions. This is a great way to interact with like-minded people and get good advice.

Integration with different platforms and languages

Another notable advantage of Python is its wide integration capabilities. That is, you can work on a project on different platforms such as for example Windows, Linux, macOS and others. Furthermore, you are able to use other programming languages in your work. This unique experience gives excellent opportunities to create a good product based on AI and ML.

Rapid development

Simplicity of the syntax, availability of libraries and other auxiliary elements can contribute to a really high speed of project development. Moreover, if the developer is already experienced enough and knows the ideal stack (libraries, frameworks and techniques) to work on the project, you will get a great result in a small amount of time.

High speed of execution

Machine learning with Python is much faster than in other cases. The main reason for this is the simplicity of the language syntax and formulas. Therefore, when time matters, with Python you are at an advantage.

Low entry barrier

One of the reasons for the popularity of Python for AI and ML is that even novice developers can quickly get a grasp of the fundamentals. This provides the opportunity to gain experience right after the start of getting into it.

Accessibility of learning content

Due to the fact that Python is very common and at the same time suitable for developers of different levels, you can find a lot of tutorial resources. They will describe the basics of working with the language in an easy way and enable you to start practicing.

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