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Partner’s objective

To create software that will accelerate the billing process, simplify the customers' management and activity monitoring of landscaping or lawn care businesses. It should accept online payments and cover a wide range of devices.

SDH solution

Our team developed a SaaS solution that eliminates the headache of many field service businesses. Namely, it provides quick invoicing creation and automated billing specifically tooled for landscaping. Due to user-friendly responsive design, the app is easy to use regardless of a device connected to the Internet. So, business operations are accessible to monitor in real-time from anywhere, and online payments from customers are accepted quickly in a reliable way via integration with Stripe.


Java, Android SDK, Firebase, Python, Django, Django REST Framework, JS, jQuery, HTML5, Google API (Google Maps, Google GeoEncoder).
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Celery.
Mobile: Java, Android SDK, Firebase.
Stripe integration.

Features and Results

Customer notifications.

All invoices and notifications are automatically sent via email. The customers without email are not a problem though, ServiceKit can print, stuff and mail the invoices.

Metrics and statistics.

The app increases visibility into business by providing valuable metrics about workload schedules and operations, invoicing, employees results, payments activity, etc.

Mapping tools.

The custom-designed routing features allow saving costs. They optimize driving routes and provide an efficient way for the employees that significantly reduces fuel costs.

Scheduling and monitoring.

Schedule the workload of your employees and keep an eye on daily operations or real-time. Provide employees with user accounts allowing them to track their schedules.

Automated billing.

The app provides accelerated creation of invoices, allows to automatically bill the customers on schedule, and stores all the billing information and invoice history.


accelerated operations
engaged customers
costs optimization


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