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Partner’s objective

Create a platform to simplify the work of specialists in the field of radiological diagnostics. Namely, organize remote access to radiologists from all over the country; speed up the preparation of medical reports thanks to outsourcing; convenient modern format (mobile application); increase the number of examinations and diagnoses of a larger patient flow; have quick access to a ‘second opinion’ of radiologists.

SDH solution

The SDH team created a specialized platform consisting of a web application for diagnostic centers and iOS and Android applications for radiologists. Radiolance facilitates access to qualified radiologists in the digital database, allowing them to obtain official professional medical opinions quickly. Radiologists can earn on the remote description of the results of magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, X-rays, and mammography for medical institutions nationwide. Also, we have developed a radiological back-office, which performs the function of quality control and handling claims. We also managed to implement various modules for complex and secure work: training, digital signature, report, and PACS. All these functions are easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface. DICOM, HL7, FHIR standards-friendly solution.


Web: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, boto3, JS, JQuery, Select2, React, HTML5, PostgreSQL, Celery, MongoDB.
Mobile (iOS): Swift 5, Cocoa, debug FLEX, Alamofire, SwiftJSON, Kingfisher, SwiftDate
Mobile (Android): Kotlin, Android SDK, Koin, Retrofit, Glide, Firebase, Sentry, Cicerone

Features and Results

Message system.

Mobile app for doctors with messages about new requests and financial balance.

Task routing.

Tracking from the creation of the application to the ready medical report sealed by the digital signature of the doctor.

PACS module & Education module

Collection, processing and temporary storage DICOM-files in a protected Ukrainian data center. The app has a Radiology Professional Development section, a library of clinical cases, and a possibility of a quick consultation with senior physicians.

Base of doctors.

The app has a database of radiologists that you can select by specialty, rating, and qualifications.

Reports module & Radiological back-office

Creating and customizing financial reports for performers. Quality control and work with claims in a special space

Organizational office.

The app includes offices for the manager, the administrator of the diagnostic center, and the specialist with services, equipment, and price lists.


protected personal data
verified data
accurate notifications


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