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Partner’s objective

Develop a custom web application for own fleet management and cargo tracking with extensive user interface capabilities. Vessel performance monitoring, fleet insight, route planner, port call and other solutions for maritime logistics.

SDH solution

Our team has developed a web application to automate logistics processes and management of operations in the shipping industry. This application encompasses advanced features such as visualizing vessel locations, facilitating vessel scheduling, and enabling seamless communication between shore services and vessel captains. By integrating this application into their existing infrastructure, we provided our partners with a powerful tool that empowers their daily operations.


Backend: Python, Django, PostgreSQL
Frontend: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Features and Results

Estimated Arrival Time

Advanced algorithms and real-time data predict ship arrivals at the port. It helps save resources and optimize operational efficiency.

Route Optimization

The application includes an intelligent routing system that leverages algorithms to predict the best routes, helping to optimize fleet turnover and reduce fuel consumption.

Fleet Statistics

Visualizing fleet statistics on charts and maps for making informed decisions and comparing critical figures.


Maritime safety
Real-time cost optimization


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