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Partner’s objective

To create an online store of soles, insoles and other materials for the shoe industry. In the store you can read the catalogs of soles, search for the necessary models by selected filters, as well as make an online order and pay for the purchase.

SDH solution

We have developed online store according to all customer’s optations with the website design and the structure, implemented a number of SEO-requirements for searching systems. Our team has built a powerful e-commerce platform, which allows partner to flexibly react to market requirements. For instance, some catalogs of novelties are available only for logged in users, who are in a group of exclusive clients. We have also realized integration with the accounting warehouse system. The buyer can track the order path - from the cart to the goods ready for pickup.


Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JS, JQuery, Select2, Moment.js, HTML5, PostgreSQL, Celery.

Features and Results


For the convenience of customers from different regions, we have added the ability to switch the three languages on the site.

Integration with warehouse accounting

Built-in accounting of stock balances using API. When an order is placed, the required quantity of items is automatically removed from the warehouse, the status of items changes. If the order was cancelled, the corresponding goods are returned to the warehouse.

Top, Novelties, Sales hit

Each product can be in the main category and several additional categories. This allows you to create virtual categories (e.g. "Discount", "Novelties", "You'll like it").

Branching catalogs

A solution that provides fast site performance with any number of categories and products. Unique characteristics for each category are used for detailed product description and filtering by characteristics.

Sales Manager Profile

Managers have all order and customer information in one place. No more notebook entries and disjointed sales data!

Customer profile

Through a personal account, customers can track order details and status, make lists of favorite products.



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