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Partner’s objective

To develop an app that will allow a physician or other qualified healthcare practitioner to write a digital prescription for medicines, manage it in the system, and send it to a participating pharmacy, patient or government funding manager.

SDH solution

The developed app issues an electronically written prescription with no typos, stores and transmits it via the Internet. The e-prescribing app allows keeping records of the full life cycle of a prescription. Namely, it tracks prescription writing and filling, medication usage, provides reporting and analytics. We developed a user-friendly application that patients and healthcare providers can use both on computers and mobile phones.


Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, HTML5, PostgreSQL.
Mobile: Java, AndroidSDK, Firebase.

Features and Results

Electronic signatures.

Every e-Rx is signed with a doctor's e-signature as a proof of authenticity to accelerate its issue and confirm data integrity.

Local pharmacies map.

A patient is provided with a map of the nearest pharmacies which offer prescription drugs at a discounted price.

Analytics gathering.

The gathering of statistical data allows analyzing the performance of each healthcare practitioner and pharmacist registered in the database.

Prescription drug monitoring.

Due to secure authorization and authentication, the written prescriptions could not be either falsified or re-used.

Integration with other systems.

The electronic prescribing app easily integrates with a reporting system in pharmacies or other drugs dispensing sites and a patient’s EHR.

An electronic prescription (e-Rx).

A handy and much faster way of writing prescriptions with a reduced amount of errors related to bad handwriting or illegible faxes.


transparency and accessibility
manual processes automatization


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