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Partner’s objective

Existing paper books digitalization of fields history, visualization of full and relevant land bank (cartography), creating fertilizer application maps, crop and work analytics in connection with weather monitoring

SDH solution

We have developed a custom enterprise GIS solution, which allowed to automate business processes, the priority of which is determined by the customer. Such as agrobank and cartography, crop rotation and an interactively linked database containing all information on the main factors of yield, technological operations, meteorological monitoring, economic indicators in the context of each field and by years. All data is aggregated in one place and is available to the farm owner in analytical dashboards from anywhere in the world - this was a mandatory requirement in the project implementation process. The system consists of web application for farm admin and mobile application for agronomists and specialists wide range.


Web: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JS, JQuery, Elasticsearch, Google API (Google Places, Google Maps, Google Analytics), HTML5, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Celery. Mobile: Java, Android SDK, Firebase. Satellites: Copernicus Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, alsat-1b, cbers-4 (muxcam), kazstsat, landsat-8, sentinel-2, deimos-1, uk-dmc2, resourcesat-2, gaofen-1

Features and Results


Creation of an electronic fields map based on high-density satellite images. The map contains full information about farmlands, including the most current information about field boundaries

Field history book

Transformation of accumulated paper fields history books into digital format, development of an automated book on the basis of GIS technologies with algorithms of analysis and planning calculations.

Document flow

Individually developed features that allow you to track field actions and make notes in real time with automatic location recognition. Ability to work offline in the absence of Internet access. Integration with statistics and accounting systems.

Meteorological monitoring

Use of meteorological stations to record a number of characteristics: humidity and air temperature, wind direction and power, precipitation, density and acidity of the soil. These actions provided an ideal symbiosis of full-fledged agricultural production, because the new approaches and technologies have increased the stability, improved yield and quality control.



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