Software Development Hub Celebrates 8 Years

Apr 06, 2022 5 min read 1412
Viacheslav Bukhantsov CEO
Software Development Hub Celebrates 8 Years

A date we almost missed...In the first days of April, we usually celebrate the birthday of our company.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this date—SDH is 8 years old!Sincere thanks to the entire team, partners, and friends for the opportunity to work with you. For your solidarity, dedication, and endurance.

For me, SDH is my life's work. I am very proud of our joint achievements: nationwide projects, current-edge development technologies, and a motivated team of experts full of enthusiasm.

What else could I dream of?

In 8 years, we have been through more than one crisis, but none of us is ready for the new reality. Now everyone has their front. And since we are a software company, our front is the development of IT infrastructure and the creation of digital solutions. We continue to work hard and not lose hope.Working together, we're fighting against fear and distraction.

So let's continue our work jointly and with enthusiasm.Friends, I wish everyone be strong. May there be a peaceful, creative and happy day as soon as possible! We will surely celebrate our anniversary together by shaking hands.




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