A letter from the CEO

Mar 24, 2022 0 min read 1363
Viacheslav Bukhantsov CEO
A letter from the CEO

We would like to express our gratitude for your dedication in this particularly difficult situation in all regions of our country.

March 17, 2022

Dear colleagues and partners!

The Software Development Hub continues its work in Ukraine, supporting the own team and being fully committed to its partnership obligations. Almost the entire SDH team is in relatively calm place at this point in time. Unfortunately, we lost contact with our developer from Mariupol...

As every Ukrainian, we are fighting for the country as best we can. Thanks to cooperation with foreign projects, our workers have jobs and money to provide for their families and maintain the state's tax system. Being in agreement with foreign partners is important for us. 

We support Ukrainian projects that are critically significant for the healthcare system, keeping the development team and support staff on board. To make sure every situation is resolved in the shortest possible time, our staff is working dedicatedly. Some of our guys are undergoing special training in the local territorial defense and are ready to fight for the interests of Ukraine with their own hands.

Our marketing department's ladies have volunteered their time to form a training course in marketing for displaced people. And they also help with digital promotion of business needs, which are now the most relevant. Furthermore, we received an initiative from Switzerland and supported Swiss Aid To Ukraine fund with our own digital resources to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian cities. Beyond persistence and patience, we want to wish everyone strong health.

Today, all of us are under serious threat and risk our lives and health simply by doing our jobs. We know that now all the forces and resources of the country have been put to fight the enemy, but we urge everyone to be strong.

Everything will be Ukraine!

Vic Bukhantsov,




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