How to Hire Developers for VR and AR Projects

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Vasyl Kuchma Managing Partner
How to Hire Developers for VR and AR Projects

At the moment, technologies such as VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are booming. This is due to more affordable and widespread gadgets that support these technologies, as well as the fact that AR and VR nowadays are used not only in the field of gaming.

Here are some examples of spheres where you can also find the application of these technologies:

  • journalism;
  • design;
  • engineering;
  • education;
  • medicine;
  • marketing;
  • cinematography.

It can be said that AR and VR are actively penetrating almost all spheres. Therefore, in the future, according to the forecasts of many analysts, their list will only expand. According to preliminary estimates, at the moment the value of the AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR) market is about 160 billion dollars. By 2028, we expect that this figure may increase by 1.5 - 2 times. Such numbers certainly will make you think of implementing a solution that utilizes these technologies in your business. This way you will be in the trend and be able to make your company more successful. But, how to hire developers who are capable of creating a solution that is really worthy and suitable for you? Below you will find a few options on how you can manage your project development, as well as learn things to consider when hiring specialists.

Hiring AR/VR freelance developers

If you are planning to develop a small and uncomplicated application with implementation of AR and VR in it, you can think about hiring freelancers for this work. These are people who will be with you on a temporary basis (during the project). Finding freelancers to work on your project is not that difficult. You can choose any platform where they post their resumes, for example LinkedIn, UpWork, Freelancer etc.

Some of the pros of this approach to development include the following:

  • you can find a worker with a favorable pricing for you;
  • you don't have to hire new people to your team and pay them for vacation, sick days or provide corporate benefits;
  • you may choose a freelancer with certain specific skills that are needed for your project.

The following can be included in the cons:

  • you will need some time to onboard the new person and familiarize him or her with the company, its rules and concept;
  • if you hire someone from a different time zone, be prepared for differences in working hours;
  • sometimes there may be technical overlaps and misunderstandings, as the cooperation takes place in an online format;
  • be prepared that you will have to manage and control the project very carefully.

Work with in-house AR/VR development team

The essence of this approach to project development is that you, for this purpose, gather a team of employees who already work for you. In some cases, it is practiced to hire one or more people who can be added to the team. This method can be applied to the development (and further technical support) of projects of any complexity. Basically, everything depends on the skills and experience of the specialists with whom you are working. 

With this solution, you get the following advantages:

  • you can constantly be in the same office with your employees, which may significantly bring you closer and improve mutual understanding, which is very important in the course of the project;
  • at any time you are able to monitor the quality of work and make adjustments if something is wrong.

But, also be prepared for the disadvantages of this approach:

  • if you hire additional employees, you will have to spend time searching for candidates, interviews, training on the basic rules of the company and other organizational aspects;
  • be ready to invest more money into this type of working method, compared to other options;
  • project management and quality control at all stages will be on your shoulders.

Cooperation with AR/VR app dedicated team

This approach can be used for absolutely any size of project. The idea is that you hire a suitable outsourcing team of developers with AR/VR specialists. It means that you can delegate the work on your project and your partner will take care of it from A to Z. In recent times, this option is considered the most convenient and widely used. 

The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • you can quickly begin to develop the project, because you hire a ready-made team of specialists who work well with each other;
  • there is no need to overburden yourself with constant monitoring of the project, because in a dedicated team, there are people who perform this role;
  • you are guaranteed to get a good result within the time allocated for the project, because you sign a contract with an outsourcing partner about it;
  • you can speed up the project or simply make it more large-scale, the only thing you need to do is to increase the development team;
  • it is quite a favorable economic solution that will give you a good result.

The disadvantages are:

  • you need to spend some time to find a really dependable outsourcing company.

Things to look out for when you hire virtual reality developers and augmented reality developers?

No matter which of the options you choose for working on your product development, there are a few tips that will allow you to hire good employees:

  • Always pay attention to customer reviews. It's important that these reviews are real and reveal in detail the experience of working with the person or company. 
  • Choose an employee or partner who shares your values and vision of the work process. You may often understand this at the initial consultation.
  • It is better to start working with developers who are close to your geographical location, so that your working hours coincide and there are no cultural differences.
  • Carefully review resumes of the candidates and make sure they have sufficient experience with VR and AR tools. (e.g. Unity 3D and Unreal Engine). 
  • Look at the projects the developers have worked on. Evaluate the quality, content and their thoughtfulness. This will help you make a conclusion about the suitability of a person or team for your project.


Developing a product using AR and VR technologies requires meticulous preparation and hard work. Of course, only you can choose how to approach this matter, but we recommend hiring a dedicated team. This is the best option that will allow you to delegate the most complex work, but at the same time you will always be aware of the progress of development and will not overpay for the result.

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